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Teen: Investor broke my nose


The private-equity investor who owns the Southampto­n mansion featured in the Showtime TV show “Billions” broke a kid’s nose there during a charity fund-raiser for special-needs children, The Post has learned.

Michael Loeb, 62, punched out 18-year-old Avery Arjang in a rage after a friend of the teen got drunk and passed out in Loeb’s garage, Arjang claims.

“Michael was furious because this kind of ruined his event,” he said.

Arjang said he was invited to the beachfront benefit for Pop.Earth — which featured a slew of celebrity chefs cooking barbecue ribs — by one of Loeb’s sons, Jeremy, whom he’s known since age 8.

Arjang said he brought two pals, one of whom decided “to get roaring drunk” and wound up “in the garage, peeing and throwing up all over himself.

“The other son, Mark, calls me and says, ‘You have to get your friend out of here now,’ ” recalled Arjang, whose parents are jewelers Edi Arjang and Margo Manhattan.

But before the teen could return in his Mini Cooper, which was parked “two beaches down,” Loeb’s wife, Margie, had already called an ambulance, he recalled.

“As the EMS guys leave . Michael says, ‘Avery, I need you to call your mom, I need you to call your dad right now,’ ” Arjang said.

“As I was trying to open up the app, it was like, wham! I had no idea what was going on. It was a right hook — my nose is bent that way.”

Arjang said Loeb then ranted, “‘ I’m going to f- -king kick your ass,’ or something like that” and charged at the teen, who ran after the ambulance and hopped on the back at the end of the driveway, with Loeb in hot pursuit.

“He runs over, and the police officer who was with the EMS crew said, ‘Who punched him?’ and Michael said, ‘I did,’ ” Arjang explained.

It’s unclear if Loeb was arrested. “I saw him pull the handcuffs out, but I didn’t see them click,” Arjang said.

At Southampto­n Hospital, Arjang added, “The police were asking me to press charges, and when they told me I broke my nose, I decided I had to press charges.”

In addition to the facial injury, Arjang says he was diagnosed with a concussion following a second trip to the hospital, where he was given a CAT scan “because I felt nauseous and couldn’t breathe.”

The teen, who recently graduated from the elite Birch Wathen Lenox School on the Upper East Side and plans to study aerospace engineerin­g at the University of Colorado, said he’s going to have surgery on his nose this week.

Arjang hired Amagansett lawyer Michael Griffith, who said, “Obviously, there may be a major lawsuit” against Loeb over Arjang’s injuries.

“If Michael Loeb gave my client a bloody nose, when we get to court, we’re going to give him a bloody nose,” Griffith vowed.

A call to Loeb’s office was referred, without any questions, to Sag Harbor lawyer Edward Burke Jr., who didn’t return messages seeking comment.

The Southampto­n Village Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office also didn’t respond to inquiries.

 ??  ?? PARTY FOUL: Michael Loeb (right), 62, is accused of breaking the nose of teenager Avery Arjang (above) when he allegedly punched him at a fund-raising event.
PARTY FOUL: Michael Loeb (right), 62, is accused of breaking the nose of teenager Avery Arjang (above) when he allegedly punched him at a fund-raising event.
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