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Weird BUT true

- David K. Li, Wires

Caution is key. Six vehicles, all unlocked with the keys left inside, were stolen in Greenwich, Conn., on Saturday night, officials said.

Greenwich police Lt. Louis Pannone said, “People need to be responsibl­e.”

This would be hard for most people to bear.

Two campground­s inside Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho were shut down last week when a young camper was jarred awake by a bear cub with its mouth wrapped around her foot, ready to chow down.

The cub ran away when the girl screamed early Wednesday morning.

“She wasn’t injured,” Fish and Game Conservati­on Officer Alex Head said, but the bear “did leave some saliva on the sleeping bag.”

Home Depot fired an employee near Houston for daring to stop shoplifter­s.

Jim Tinney, 70, admitted he violated company policy not to confront shoplifter­s when he threw a pole at the thieves, who got away.

Tinny, an Army vet, said his military training kicked in.

“I think they could have written me up, reprimande­d me, but terminate me? That’s pretty strong,” he said.

A homeowner in Massachuse­tts was left a little rattled by an unwanted visitor.

Animal-control officials had to be called in to trap a timber rattlesnak­e found in urban Springfiel­d. Rattlesnak­es are rural creatures, but this one might have been a runaway pet.

It was released somewhere a little less crowded.

A California judge will lose his job after helping himself to two desk cardholder­s, each worth $30 to $50.

Napa County jurist Michael S. Williams was caught on tape swiping the pieces at The City Club of San Francisco during a meeting last year of matrimonia­l lawyers.

Williams apologized, saying he had an “unexplaina­ble impulse” to take the holders.

He was censured by a state ethics panel and agreed to step down from the bench.

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