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Imagining Hillary’s America: The US Without Pres. Trump

THE ISSUE: John Podhoretz’s column arguing that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be similar to Trump’s.

- Chris Brosius Kissimmee, Fla. Diane Hombach Schenectad­y James Barends Wayne, Pa. Don Surber Poca, W.Va.

Regarding John Podhoretz’s assertion that the United States would be in a similar place with Hillary Clinton as president, I’ll say this: not if you are a military veteran or activeduty member (“Flip & flop,” PostScript, July 16).

I’ve been entitled to Veteran’s Affairs medical care since 2010, and I was stonewalle­d by the VA until President Trump won the election. My mother was also eligible for VA care, and she died as the VA repeatedly stonewalle­d her.

Thank God Trump won. If Clinton had won, veterans would still be treated as they had been under the Obama administra­tion.

Clinton was the smartest and most experience­d candidate this country has seen in the modern era.

Voters with brains knew which candidate would appoint competent Cabinet members. They knew who wanted clean air and water and who would spend money on education and housing instead of a border wall. Those voters gave Clinton the popular vote by a margin of 3 million.

Podhoretz is wrong about what this country would look like under Clinton. It certainly wouldn’t be the disaster we have with Trump.

Clinton had a great track record as a New York senator. Trump has a legacy of bankruptci­es and now the Russian scandal.

Trump’s impact on the federal government and media is not trivial at all. The real progress on taxes, the budget and repealing the disaster that is ObamaCare would not have happened without Trump.

Also, for more than a generation, the media have been a monolithic liberal machine. Every Republican candidate endured a hostile media, and no one has done anything to slow the assault. Now a brash, arrogant and highly effective man has taken on that media and sent them into a frenzy.

Unlike many who support Trump, I had interactio­ns with him years ago, and I do not care for him personally. But the harsh truth is that very few of our leaders have been “nice” people.

Frankly, there are times when one evil is required to combat a greater evil.

Podhoretz said, “Let’s face it: With the exception of the Supreme Court appointmen­t and confirmati­on of Neil Gorsuch, Trump has done astounding­ly little in the accomplish­ments column.” The facts show otherwise.

Trump’s 37 executive orders reversed a wide array of abuses by Democrats, ending the requiremen­t to buy health insurance, enforcing immigratio­n law and keeping his appointees from lobbying for five years after they leave office. He protected fracking and approved two pipelines.

President Clinton would have done none of this.

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