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Let New York build


In the wake of devastatin­g natural disasters, lawmakers in both Washington and Albany have much to learn (“Sandy’s rebuild a warning,” Sept. 14).

While Congress looks to reform the flood-insurance program, New York’s legislativ­e leaders must fix the state’s unique “absolute liability” Scaffold Law, which makes this city the most expensive place on earth to build.

After Superstorm Sandy, disaster-relief organizati­ons wrote to Gov. Cuomo that the Scaffold Law was a major obstacle to their rebuilding efforts.

Similarly, school-constructi­on officials and the Conference of Mayors have reported hundreds of millions wasted on this only-in-New-York law.

To ensure efficient capital spending and speedy disaster recovery, New York’s elected officials must fix this statutory abnormalit­y. Adam Morey, Government Affairs, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York, Albany

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