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High-tax GOP pols ‘anti’ up

- Marisa Schultz

Republican lawmakers from New York, New Jersey, California and other high-tax states warned House leaders Thursday that tax reform won’t pass if the measure fully repeals state and local tax deductions.

“The votes won’t be there,” said Rep. Peter King (R-LI).

“We put it in economic terms but also in political terms. This is going to hurt the people who voted for Donald Trump.”

To make his position clear, King on Thursday voted against a GOP budget bill that sets the stage for tax reform.

“I voted against the budget resolution — which I’ve never done before — to send a signal that we’re serious,” said King, one of 18 GOP “no” votes.

King suggested families making up to $400,000 get full deductions, which would be reduced in phases for higher earners. Rep. Tom Reed (RCorning) suggested $350,000.

“I think there’s recognitio­n that if you move to this type of policy and you have families that are left holding the bag that’s just not sustainabl­e,” Reed told The Post.

But House leaders offered few public assurances of a compromise.

Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, chairman of the House taxwriting committee, said he’s made “no change” to the tax framework, which calls for a full repeal of the state and local tax deduction. But, he said, “We’re listening carefully” to concerns.

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