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‘Decor’ on the outside


ELLE Decor insiders are buzzing that the magazine’s sales associates, staffers and top brass are upset over new Editor-in-Chief Whitney Robinson’s latest cover story on Bruce Willis. “The magazine has a collage of photos of Bruce, [his wife Emma] and his kids instead of the home,” says a source. “A sales associate went to the publisher and said that the magazine looks like a tabloid and that the luxury advertiser­s could possibly leave.” The source continues that Hearst Magazines chief content officer Joanna Coles and president Michael Clinton got word of the flap and spoke with Robinson. Another source adds, “Many staffers felt it was completely inappropri­ate for a shelter magazine.” The feature includes outdoor shots of the pool and a car. But the few interior photos show a stairwell, a mud room, and a small sliver of the kids’ playroom. While the article mentions an impressive-sounding wine cellar and cottage that’s been converted into an office, neither are pictured. A source close to the magazine insists the lack of interior shots is because “the lighting was just better outside.” Last month’s cover featuring Andy Cohen racked up about 5,000 likes on Instagram, down from the previous issue’s 9,400, which “freaked out the editorial and publishing side.”

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