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Another bullied kid in class with a gun


A 13-year-old boy was caught with a gun at a Bronx school Thursday morning — after telling a friend he needed it because he was being bullied, law-enforce-ment sources told The Post.

The bust at Bronx Park Middle School came a little more than a week after two teens were stabbed — one fatally — at a high school just two miles away. The alleged stabber in that case also claimedd he was being bullied.

In Thursday’s incident, the boy told a pal he was carrying the weapon and that student alerted staffers, officials said.

The unloaded gun was retrieved without incident and the student was removed from school grounds and placed into custody, cops said. He will be charged with illegal possession of a weapon as a minor.

While the youngster claimed he brought the firearm to protect himself against bullies, sources said he had a severe disciplina­ry history at the school and was previously cited for weapons possession in January.

The incident shook parents already on edge after Abel Cedeno, 1818, bbulliedll­id ffor hihis sexuality,li alleg-ll edly fatally stabbed Matthew McCree, 15, last week at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservati­on.

“There are no metal detectors here and they need to install some,” said Yvonne Thomas. “Es

pecially after the incident that

happened last week in The Bronx. For the safety of the students, parents and allll theh workers.k WhWhen theh childrenhi­ld leave home we don’t know what they do.”

Lourdes Rodriguez, whose son attends the school, agreed. “There needs to be more metal detectors here,” she said. “I don’t bring mykid to school to be in danger.”

Gregory Floyd, president of the school safety agents union, ripped Mayor de Blasio for insufficie­nt use of scanners across the city.

“This is just more evidence that we need metal detectors because guns should not be brought for show and tell,” Floyd said.

“These students are fearing for their lives and for their safety. I don’t know what Mayor de Blasio is waiting for.”

He cited surveys administer­ed by the Department of Education that revealed startling levels of bullying and fighting in schools.

At Bronx Park, 70 percent of teachers and 60 percent of students reported bullying.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of students and staff,” said DOE spokeswoma­n Toya Holness. “The NYPD immediatel­y responded and safely recovered an unloaded gun from Bronx Park Middle School.”

 ??  ?? YIKES: A student brought this gun into his Bronx middle school on Thursday.
YIKES: A student brought this gun into his Bronx middle school on Thursday.

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