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Weird BUT true

- Ruth Brown, Wires

Two inmates broke out of prison only to get caught a day later — at an adventure park “escape room.”

Kelsie Laine Mast, 23, and Samantha Faye Toope, 20, jumped the fence at the Edmonton Institutio­n for Women in Canada on Monday night, police said.

The fugitives were busted the next night at SideQuests Adventures — where people pay to solve puzzles that will unlock the doors of mock dungeons.

A new Tokyo cafe is really going out on a limb with its theme.

The World of Thighs Photograph­y Cafe, opening Friday, promises diners curry and spaghetti dishes in a venue decorated with photos of women’s thighs.

It was all a big misssstake, says a Vermont man.

Wildlife officials busted David Buyak, 42, of Maidstone, for having 12 non-native hognose snakes on his property.

Buyak, who is contesting fines up to $722, says he didn’t know the snakes he raised after capturing two in Connecticu­t were illegal.

Introducin­g non-native snakes to Vermont can “devastate local plants and animals that are not used to their presence,” officials told him.

A 92-year-old Iowa City man who just won the lottery says a fortune cookie predicted it.

Charles Svatos opted for a one-time $390,000 payout, a month after the cookie’s inscriptio­n told him: “You will discover an unexpected treasure.”

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses — or else!

A Canadian couple, Jason and Jodi Chapnik, filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against their neighbors, alleging a rip-off of their home’s Tudor style that devalued their “unique” property.

The neighbors, the Kirshenbla­tts, say their design was no rip-off, it came from a 1940 Canadian Homes and Gardens magazine.

But the two parties agreed to settle out of court.

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