New York Post

Policy wonk: Don’t Ignore Gunman’s Gambling Habit


The rush to find a possible “political or social motive” for the Las Vegas massacre, says Seth Barron at City Journal, “obscures what seems more likely to be the real reason” Stephen Paddock shot hundreds of people: He did it for fun. His life for the past decade seems “to have been based in and around casinos.” He was “a consistent gambler at high-stakes slot and video-poker machines, betting about $10,000 a day.” Casino gambling is addictive: It’s “designed to provide psychologi­cal rewards with each bet — even when you lose — and to prompt you to keep at it.” But “neurochemi­stry quickly develops tolerance to that initial dose, and the ‘hit’ becomes more and more elusive, until it finally evaporates.” So Paddock “very well may have contemplat­ed mass murder as a sensualist exercise.”

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