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Let City Cops Do Their Job

THE ISSUE: A report that officers in The Bronx have abandoned aggressive policing to avoid being sued.


Three cheers for the police in the 42nd Precinct in The Bronx for seeking survival instead of fighting the bizarre edicts of Mayor de Blasio’s administra­tion (“Cops Out,” Oct. 2).

Why would city police officers risk everything to perform their duties? Police these days are being treated like criminals.

Meanwhile, the opportunit­y to become a prosperous street thug was never better. Sam Frazer Fort Myers, Fla.

When the city was a criminal cesspool of violence, where thousands of civilians lost their lives annually, it was NYPD cops who stopped the carnage, with Mayor Rudy Giuliani backing them.

When de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark- Viverito took office, cops became the enemy.

So how is it a surprise that cops have finally wised up and decided to preserve their jobs and avoid being prosecuted to satisfy activists?

It sounds like the city is getting the Police Department it wanted.

There’s only one problem: Criminals will be the only ones who like the new NYPD. Anthony Johnson Brentwood

For New York to survive, it must replace de Blasio.

Some police have now stopped enforcing laws. Voters, wake up and smell the pollution, noise, homelessne­ss and crime. De Blasio has to go. Anton Loew Manhattan

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