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Honestly, Francesa emanates dishonesty


IT’S UNLIKELY — perhaps impossible — we ever again will hear a sports radio host as dishonorab­le and as dishonest as Mike “Let’s Be Honest” Francesa.

Tuesday, a caller asked Francesa who he thought would relieve that night’s Yankees starter, Luis Severino, if he were hit hard early. Francesa, as if unaware of his career habit of being colossally wrong, replied, “Severino is going to go deep, tonight.”

OK, said the caller, but what if he’s hit for three runs in the first, would the Yankees go to starter Sonny Gray or reliever Chad Green?

“It’s a ridiculous thing to even bring up,” said Francesa, repeating that Severino is far too good for anything close to happen.

Severino was yanked after just one out, allowing four hits — two of them homers — a walk and three runs. He was replaced by Green.

The next day? An honorable person would have admitted he was totally wrong, even would have played the tape to boost the caller and have fun bashing himself. Fat chance. As usual, Francesa, pretended he never said such a thing. In fact, he sagely told a caller that Severino’s nerves got to him, which can be ex

pected from a young pitcher. Later, Tuesday’s caller again was able to get through. He told Francesa he had been rudely treated for getting something dead-on correct. Again given the opportunit­y to make nice — to show he’s not a complete megalomani­acal creep — Francesa again jumped the guy, with the dishonest claim that “We don’t do ‘ what-ifs’! That’s not what we do here!”

Francesa is particular­ly good at getting big games, big races — political ones, too — and even big storms colossally wrong, MLB’s postseason included.

Before the Tigers-Yankees 2006 ALDS, Francesa ensured a Yankees cakewalk. He declared the Tigers horrible, said they didn’t even belong on the same field. The Tigers won, three games to one.

Afterwards, Francesa pretended he never had said anything to the contrary, wisely explaining, “anything can happen” in a best-of-five.

Further, given this postseason’s participan­ts, Francesa’s lost tapes expertise includes Daniel Murphy will “never hit big league pitching,” Dustin Pedroia, who later won an MVP, is “a nothing” and Jose Altuve doesn’t strike him as special.

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