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Big Blue coach: Buc’s claim could be bogus


If Vernon Hargreaves knew what was coming, Mike Sullivan said he thinks he should have done a better job.

Responding to the Tampa Bay defender’s message to Odell Beckham Jr. that the Buccaneers knew the routes the Giants receivers were running during a 25-23 Tampa win, the Giants’ offensive coordinato­r said Thursday that he was unconvince­d by the cornerback’s claim, noting how Beckham burned Hargreaves on the potential game-winning drive.

“I know we were able to get almost 400 yards of offense in the game and no turnovers and a couple of touchdown passes, one that put us ahead near the end of the game,” Sullivan said. “The player that he was talking to was actually the same player that Odell beat on a 42-yard doublemove, so I don’t know how much stock I would take in those type of accusation­s.”

According to coach Ben McAdoo, predictabi­lity isn’t even the biggest problem with the Giants offense anyway.

“Every defensive back thinks they know what you’re running until they don’t,” McAdoo sai d. “There is no defense for the perfect throw and the good route. I think if we do what we’re supposed to do from an execution standpoint and the throw is on time and where it’s supposed to be, we should be able to complete the ball.” Defensive coordinato­r Steve Spagnuolo altered his unit’s preparatio­n this week by staying silent during film review, and allowing the players to lead the session, and point out their own mistakes.

“The only way I knew whether we were on the same page or not was to let them run it and hear what they said,” Spagnuolo said. “It’s not a bad idea to change it up once in a while anyway. They get sick of me talking. I’d get sick of me talking. I mean, look it, that’s human nature, right?”

Even Justin Pugh said he thinks former Giants lineman Shaun O’Hara’s criticism of the offensive line has been fair.

“I can’t really say he’s wrong,” Pugh said of the three- time Pro Bowlerturn­ed analyst. “We’ve had some guys shuffling around and I guess he’s right, I don’t know.”

Beckham ( f i nger/ ankle) was a limited participan­t, and left practice early, likely due to cramping, according to McAdoo. ... Paul Perkins (ribs) and Weston Richburg (concussion) did not practice, while cornerback Janoris Jenkins (ankle) returned to the field after missing Wednesday’s practice.

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