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Cy the Cynic’s for­mer job, if he had one, is a mys­tery at my club. Cy won’t talk about it ex­cept to give gag an­swers to queries. “Cy, did you con­duct an or­ches­tra?” “Briefly, but I was dis­con­certed.” “He wouldn’t have worked as a pietaster in a pie fac­tory,” Rose told me. “That’s how lazy he is.”

As de­clarer, Cy seizes on the first line of play he sees. At six hearts, he took the ace of spades, drew trumps end­ing in dummy and led a di­a­mond to his queen. West took the ace, and East’s jack scored for down one. “Such lazi­ness,” Rose sighed. After Cy draws trumps, he must try to get a count. He takes the king of spades, ruffs a spade in dummy, cashes the top clubs and ruffs a club. Cy then knows West had five spades for his over­call, three trumps and at least three clubs, so two di­a­monds at most. More­over, West surely has the ace of di­a­monds for his bid.

So the Cynic leads a di­a­mond to dummy’s king and plays low from his hand on the next di­a­mond to make the slam.

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