New York Post

‘Jesus’ returns, uptown


FORMER PayPal exec Jack Selby has long been suspected of being behind a movement called “Tips for Jesus” — a mysterious movement in which an anonymous diner was leaving large tips for waiters and waitresses in 2013 and 2015. Now, the campaign seems to be back. Selby was spotted at Upper West Side bar Guyer’s, run by romance- novel cover model Cindy Guyer, over the weekend ordering just over $100 in drinks — but he left a $5,000 tip. “The bartender was brought to tears,” says a spy. The receipt said “Tips for Jesus” and, “We’re back!” But a source tells us it’s not only Selby doling out the largess, but an anonymous group. “It’s not necessaril­y Christian,” a source says. “It’s giving back in creative ways and hopefully inspires people.”

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