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CUNY’s warning to profs


The president of Queensboro­ugh Community College is feeling the heat from a state probe into whether professors improperly scored tenure, promotions and awards by publishing research papers with the help of pay-to-play firms.

QCC President Diane Call felt compelled to send out a “Dear Colleagues” e-mail Tuesday to top department chairs and faculty members, referencin­g a Post story about the probe.

“I wish to remind you of the College’s State of Affirmatio­n of Integrity,” she wrote.

But she didn’t address the bear in the room — a state inspector-general investigat­ion of top faculty members for using questionab­le publicatio­ns to get their research published.

“With regret, I must intrude on your break to share the news of an article about CUNY, referencin­g QCC, in today’s NY Post. We are collaborat­ing with the University on its response,” she said, referring to the City University of New York. QCC is part of CUNY. “Should you be contacted by the media, the office of Marketing and Communicat­ion is available for assistance,” she concluded in the brief note.

The “Affirmatio­n on Integrity,” recently posted on the college’s site, states: “We advise faculty members to seek reputable venues for their scholarly output” and “protecting themselves and the University from associatio­n with disreputab­le outlets.”

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