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NFL Star’s Touchdown Tribute


Here’s a refreshing bit of news: an NFL player in a blatant display of respect and admiration for a true US war hero — and the country he fought for.

In an open letter that ran at Sports Illustrate­d online on Christmas Day, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald salutes his state’s senior senator, John McCain, who’s battling brain cancer.

He cites the vet’s “heroism and bravery” during the Vietnam War — citing, in particular, his capture and the hardships he endured during his six-year imprisonme­nt in North Vietnam.

The lawmaker, who missed six Christmase­s with his family while in captivity, “refused to be freed until all of the men captured before him were released,” Fitzgerald notes. McCain knew that, because he was the son of a high-ranking naval commander, his release would’ve handed Hanoi a big propaganda victory.

Fitzgerald writes more generally of the “sacrifices” of America’s soldiers, sailors and airmen and of his desire for his sons to be proud of their country.

Such sentiments are great to hear, especially coming from a national figure and role model like Fitzgerald. McCain, whatever you may think of his politics, surely deserves the tribute.

But the comments stand in stark contrast to those players who make a show of their dis

respect for America’s flag by refusing to stand for the anthem.

Football fans presumably watch games to root for their teams or to marvel at the players’ athletic feats, not to witness political protests.

Many folks, including veterans, first responders and, notably, President Trump have taken offense to the kneeling. But it’s hard to complain about Larry Fitzgerald’s approach.

Kudos to him.

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