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Blasting the GOP Tax Cuts: Dems’ Anti-Reform Hysteria


I don’t think the American people really appreciate President Trump and the tax cut that was just passed. This law will turn around the disastrous path the Democrats were taking us down — a path of government dependence (“Merry tax cuts to all; to all a ‘Yeah, right,’ ” John Crudele, PostOpinio­n, Dec. 26).

With corporatio­ns revitalizi­ng and a businessfr­iendly tax rate producing new businesses and jobs, we have an opportunit­y to make our own future, to live by our own abilities, incentives and personal responsibi­lity: the path that originally made America great. Good job, Trump.

Michael Pacer Paso Robles, Calif.

There’s a reason why Americans are cynical about the GOP tax bill. We are lied to daily by the Trump administra­tion. Most of us remember how ineffectiv­e President Ronald Reagan’s trickledow­n theory was for the country. This tax bill is its twin brother.

We can figure out when we’re handed a scam and when we’re being duped, and we know who’s responsibl­e for it.

K. Harris Tucson, Ariz.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer are allergic to the truth, along with every Democrat who voted against the GOP tax cuts (“Cursing Bonuses,” Editorial, Dec. 26).

Democratic states overwhelmi­ngly have skyhigh state and local taxes that penalize many of their residents.

They are the problem. Now “tax the rich” Democrats are worried rich folks are going to move south. That boat started sailing years ago.

Apparently, the “evil corporatio­ns” the Democrats love to vilify have al- ready started passing on the savings to their employees with raises and bonuses.

If you vote for these people, you need a checkup from the neck up.

Patrick Phelan Sebastian, Fla.

It’s great that corporatio­ns are giving bonuses to employees after the passage of the tax-cut bill, but will it last?

These corporatio­ns have been doing well for some time and have been profitable. Why are they offering bonuses now? Good PR is my guess.

Since the tax cuts for corporatio­ns are supposed to be permanent, are these companies planning on sharing the wealth every year?

Will any of these companies cut jobs or benefits in the near future? Will they continue to move jobs overseas to save more money and boost profits?

Mark Sleep Holt, Mich.

Pelosi & Co. are dead wrong on tax cuts and reform. The middle class will clearly benefit from this tax plan, just from the doubling of the standard deduction alone.

Americans have been fooled before by Pelosi and the Democrats. Don’t be fooled again. Because next year, your paychecks will be proof that the Republican­s came through. Those with minor children will see double tax credits per child. Tell me how these two items alone won’t help working families.

Donna Orosz New Hyde Park

When Pelosi spoke of a “monumental, brazen theft from the American middle class,” she could have been talking about ObamaCare instead of the tax bill. What a disaster.

Only Democrats would oppose a law that benefits 80 percent of the country. The Democrats are the single biggest enemy of the middle class in the country.

Fact is, Pelosi wouldn’t vote for any GOP bill, even if it contained her own stay of execution.

Scott Westcott Clifton Park

Thanks to Trump for the great job he’s doing. It is gratifying to have leadership in our country for the first time in many years.

Democrats in Congress are only interested in lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars.

If Schumer and others in New York would quit their wasteful spending, New Yorkers would benefit greater from the tax cuts.

Dennis Lutes Burlington, NC

So many on the left are openly in the dark about the tax bill.

We stood by while President Barack Obama raised the debt by $10 trillion over an eight-year period. This current bill raises it by $1.5 trillion. The growth in the economy will cover that figure over time.

Ron Conte Orleans, Mass.

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