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IF 2017 were a pizza, it would be a stuffedcru­st crazy pie with the works, plus extra psycho sauce on the side. Here’s a look back at the year in deepdish madness, from saucy squirrels and delivery robots to pies launched into space.

Pizza Rat makes a friend

It’s been two years since Pizza Rat warmed New Yorkers’ cold hearts with his scrappy slicesnagg­ing antics. This January, he was one-upped by the Pizza Squirrel (right) of Greenwich Village, who was spotted employing the NYC-approved “fold-andeat” technique.

Pizza robots deliver

In March, Domino’s launched a fleet of “autonomous delivery vehicles” — i.e. “pizza robots” (pictured) — in Germany. The sixwheeled machines use on-board sensors to weave through pedestrian walkways, and can reportedly travel up to 9 mph.

Introducin­g iPizza

In May, Wired magazine published a deep dive into Apple’s new Cupertino, Calif., campus, revealing that the company’s engineers had devised and patented a stay-crispy pizza box for the employee cafeteria. The box vents air and moisture to ward off soggy crusts — and, presumably, to encourage sad desk lunches.

Pizza et veritas

They say to write what you know, so college applicant Carolina Williams penned an ode to Papa John’s pizza. “I will always love ordering pizza because of the way eight slices of something so ordinary are able to evoke feelings of independen­ce, consolatio­n and joy,” she wrote in her admissions essay. The Tennessee teen was accepted to Yale in the spring and probably threw a pizza party to celebrate.

Hot-dog-crust pizza hits the US

Nothing sounds more thoroughly, greasily American than pizza with a hot-dog-stuffed crust. But this Pizza Hut Frankenfoo­d actually originated in Asia in 2012 — and finally moseyed to the US this past June. Each pie is ringed with 28 mini hot dogs baked right into the crust.

Road pizza

In August, an 18-wheeler packed with DiGiorno and Tombstone frozen pizzas scraped a bridge support on an Arkansas highway and unloaded its tasty cargo all over a major highway (below).

Pizza fence

After one too many “Breaking Bad” fans pulled a Walter White by chucking a pizza on the roof of her Albuquerqu­e, NM, home, which is featured in the series, Joanne Quintana built a fence to deter wayward pie pitchers this past fall.

Prison pizza parties

Forget parole — Rikers inmates are apparently being rewarded by the slice for good behavior. In October, The Post received a photo of more than two dozen Domino’s pizzas being wheeled into the prison’s Otis Bantum Correction­al Center. Your tax dollars at work!

Pizza goes to space

In mid-November, NASA launched a capsule packed with make-yourown flatbreads into space. Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, aboard the Internatio­nal Space Station, snagged the order out of orbit with the station’s long, robotic arm.

Pizza gets political

In November, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter (pictured) blamed NFL players’ silent protests of police brutality and racism for a dip in sales. Last week, Schnatter announced he would step down.

Pope opts for pizza over birthday cake

For his 81st birthday this December, Pope Francis passed on the Funfetti. Instead, he chose to blow out his birthday candle on a 13-foot-long pizza. In a saintly move, he gave the rectangula­r pie away to needy children instead of hogging it for himself.

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