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Horrific Big Blue season to end with no-names on field


CREDIT Carl Banks, the former Giants linebacker currently offering incisive commentary as the team’s radio analyst, for coming up with the term that so accurately depicts the state of the roster: Flipcard Kids.

Even the most fervent Giants fan must be having trouble watching these games and figuring out who some of these guys are out there wearing Giants uniforms. Number 23? It’s Darryl Morris, cornerback. No. 55? Linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong, of course. The player out there wearing No. 84 returning punts in Arizona? Hunter Sharp. The diminutive middle linebacker, good ol’ No. 46? That’s Calvin Munson. It says “Halapio’’ on the back of jersey No. 75, so that must be Jon Halapio at right guard. Watch out for No. 39, Derrick Mathews, signed Tuesday off the practice squad, in what would be his NFL debut this weekend.

This is the way these seasons end, with starters and rotation players falling by the wayside, giving way to signings and weekly ad- ditions who end up making their way onto the field. It only gets worse, as Sunday’s cannot-gethere-soon-enough finale against the Redskins will not have safety Landon Collins (fractured forearm) and most likely tight end Evan Engram ( ribs) and receiver Sterling Shepard (neck). Collins underwent surgery on Christmas Day and Tuesday was placed on injured reserve.

The high temperatur­e Sunday in East Rutherford, N.J. is forecast at 23 degrees as the Giants put on display a facsimile team. Ownership needs to give away free coffee and hot chocolate and, with all those Flip-card Kids on the field, how about half-price programs?

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