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They have no shame!

Dippy royal haters name kid for queen


THEY make it too easy. Just three months after Harry and Meghan sat with Oprah to tell the world that the queen’s racist palace drove Meghan to suicidal impulses — then denied her the help she begged for, along with Harry publicly blaming the royal family for inflicting him with decades of “genetic pain” — these two go and name their daughter after the 95-year-old Evil Queen.

And they didn’t just choose her birth name — no, they hijacked the very specific childhood nickname used by only the queen’s closest and most beloved: Lilibet.

Of course, Harry and Meghan said, they cleared this with the queen personally and in advance.

Plot twist: The palace denies this.

And this denial isn’t coming from some random blogger or blind-item Web site. These are palace sources talking to the BBC.

After a year-plus of these two and their shenanigan­s, accusation­s and outright whoppers, whom are you inclined to believe?

Casting aside their choice of Diana as a middle name (who could possibly begrudge them that?) naming their only daughter after the woman they deride as the epitome of racism, colonialis­m and, by extension, mean mommydom is odd, right?

Except when you consider the palace’s recent demotion of Haz and Megs on the official royal Web site. Once listed just below William and Kate, Harry and Meghan were kicked all the way to the bottom, below even the Epsteinass­ociated Prince Andrew.

Quietly but clearly, the queen is making it known she has no more tolerance for these two.

It’s long overdue. Here’s Meghan just three months ago, to Oprah and an audience of 17 million, melodramat­ically claiming life as a duchess meant she was locked up in the Tower of London.

“When I joined that family” — the queen must have winced at “that” family; how pejorative — “that was the last time, until we came [to America], that I saw my passport, my driver’s license, my keys,” Markle told Oprah.

Except for those 13 overseas trips Markle took, including one to New York City solo so Serena Williams could throw her a lavish baby shower costing a reported $430,000, with $125,000 of that for the private jet alone.

“Finding Freedom” indeed. How did poor Meghan ever survive?

Meanwhile, Harry, once the queen’s favorite grandchild, never visited with her privately before or after the recent burial of her husband, Prince Philip.

Whether he asked and was denied or never even tried, the public perception is the same. Harry’s relationsh­ip with the queen, once so close, has been grievously harmed by his and Meghan’s repeated public betrayals.

And for two people who can’t shut up about how much they hate royal life, how it nearly drove a pregnant Meghan to kill herself, how “trapped” Harry felt by it all until Meghan came along — well, they sure don’t want to let go of those titles or connection­s or any halo effect being royal might grant them in the Hollywood/Silicon Valley circles to which they aspire.

Not that they’re taking calls at the moment. Capping off this latest absurdity, Harry and Meghan — famous for being famous now, otherwise underemplo­yed — have announced they are taking “several months” of parental leave.

Joining, perhaps, with that other leave — of their senses.

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