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Ignoring the Migrant Crisis: Kamala’s Border Bungling


Kyle Smith’s column on Vice President Kamala Harris was spot-on (“Buck-pass Biden left this mess,” June 9).

She is falling flat on her face, as many people in California knew she would when they failed to support her run for president. She was forced to pull out of the primaries because of lack of funding to her campaign.

She is now in charge of our border and has failed to even make a trip there. Her silly laugh when she is asked a question and has no answer is growing tired.

To think that she is one heartbeat away from being president is very scary indeed.

Jerry Esposito


Harris is doing an excellent job.

The Post failed to mention that her message to South America was thought out: Nobody wants to leave their home unless they’re desperate.

If you improve their situation at home, they won’t want to leave and come to America and struggle and work for white people who don’t want to work.

Neel Thaker


Harris finally got close to the southern border with her visit to Mexico, but she still has not actually visited the border to see the crisis that exists due to Biden’s stupid decisions.

Harris says that she has not visited Europe yet, as if that was more important than dealing with the crisis at the border.

The easiest thing Biden can do now is put the policies of the Trump administra­tion back in place, especially the policy that immigrants should remain in Mexico until their cases are adjudicate­d. That would alleviate the problem.

Richard A. Ketay

Newark, NJ

I found Harris incoherent during her visit to Guatemala and Mexico.

Spouting political sound bytes in a rambling press conference, she did not demonstrat­e an understand­ing of the root causes of migration: corruption, drugs, gangs, failed institutio­ns, a weak rule of law and inept political systems.

In many respects, these countries are similar to the failed states in the Middle East. We have not been able to solve those problems, and it is unlikely we can.

Ed Houlihan Ridgewood, NJ

It really was a brilliant move to put a lightweigh­t like Harris in charge of the utter chaos at southern border.

She is a female of color, and any and all criticism of her and her loony decisions can be chalked up to racism.

I know that the countries in question are corrupt and American aid might as well be flushed down the toilet, which means I am vastly more qualified than the vice president.

Jake McNicholas Whitestone

Lester Holt of NBC News recently confronted Harris with the fact she hasn’t been to the southern border to see first-hand the tragedy ongoing there.

Her snarky, laughing reply was, “I haven’t been to Europe” either. What does the border have to do with Europe?

The southern border debacle is a very serious national-security and economic issue.

This disaster is definitely not humorous, as human trafficker­s and drug cartels are making money from this border catastroph­e. Harris is incompeten­t. She’s got to go.

Earl Beal

Terre Haute, Ind.

Harris and the rest of the Biden administra­tion have no idea on how to fix the immigratio­n problem at the border.

Going to Guatemala and trying to help the Guatemalan president find hope at home for his people is ridiculous. Saying “don’t come” doesn’t work either. They never offer concrete ideas.

Bob Robustelli Stamford, Conn.

Harris is a disgrace to her position as vice president of the United States. She doesn’t show me that she is up for the job or has the interest in working at it. She seems already bored with it.

I know we all were expecting her to take over soon, but she is the one who should resign.

Robert Casale

Glen Head

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