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Painted into a corner at WH


White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday found herself again on the defensive as she insisted that first son Hunter Biden won’t discuss art sales with potential buyers when he meets with them at gallery events.

Psaki also defended a White House-brokered arrangemen­t in which buyers will be kept secret, despite ethics experts saying the plan actually heightens concerns about influence-peddling.

“He is attending gallery events that had been prior planned and announced,” Psaki said at her briefing. “That is different than meeting with prospectiv­e buyers.”

Psaki continued, “The selling of his art will all happen through the gallerists and the names of individual­s will be kept confidenti­al. We will not be aware of, neither will he be aware.”

But an ABC News reporter pressed Psaki: “Is there anything stopping anyone from directly telling, though, Hunter Biden that they are going to purchase his art? And if they do, the American people won’t know who they are.”

“He will not know [and] we will not know who purchases his art,” Psaki said.

In response to another reporter, Psaki repeated, “He is not involved in the sale or discussion­s about the sale of his art, and he will not be informed of the sale of his art and who is purchasing that art . . . That is a commitment that’s been made and we expect that all parties would abide by it.”

Ethics experts are alarmed at the novice artist’s plans to sell his debut artworks for up to $500,000. “Hunter Biden should cancel this art sale because he knows the prices are based on his dad’s job,” said Walter Shaub, who worked as director of the Office of Government Ethics under former President Barack Obama.

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