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Haiti widow’s resolve

Wife of slain prez may run to fill seat


The widow of Haiti’s assassinat­ed leader is seriously considerin­g a run for the presidency, she said in her first interview since the harrowing attack — which she believes was orchestrat­ed by “oligarchs” in the troubled nation.

Martine Moïse (inset), 47, who was badly wounded when her husband, President Jovenel Moïse, 53, was gunned down on July 7 inside their residence, opened up for the first time since the assassinat­ion in an interview with The New York Times in South Florida.

“President Jovenel had a vision and we Haitians are not going to let that die,” she told the outlet.

Moïse gave an account of the chaotic moments during the attack.

“The only thing that I saw before they killed him were their boots,” she told the paper.

“Then I closed my eyes, and I didn’t see anything else.”

The assailants then ransacked the couple’s room as they searched for something in the president’s file, she said.

“‘That’s not it.

That’s not it,’ ” Moïse recalled them saying in Spanish several times before one of them finally declared: “‘That’s it.’ ”

As they left the home, one of the men stepped on her feet while another waved a flashlight in her eyes, to check if she was still alive.

“When they left, they thought I was dead,” she told the Times quietly, flanked by her children, guards and Haitian diplomats at the undisclose­d location.

“All that blood,” she added softly.

The former first lady said she decided to speak out because she did not believe that the sweeping probe into the assassinat­ion has answered the primary question of who ordered and paid for it.

Officials have said at least 26 suspects have been detained as part of the investigat­ion, including 18 former Colombian soldiers and three Haitian police officers.

Two Americans of Haitian descent also allegedly took part in the assassinat­ion. Three of the Colombians were killed by Haitian police.

At least seven high-ranking police officials have been placed in isolation, but not formally arrested, Haitian police have said.

And US federal agents raided several locations in South Florida this week as part of the investigat­ion.

But Moïse believes there must have been a mastermind who gave the orders and supplied the money, according to the paper.

“Only the oligarchs and the system could kill him,” she said.

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