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THESE informativ­e and inspiring podcasts are just what the (fertility) doctor called for. Check Apple, Spotify, Audible and other podcasting platforms to start streaming pronto.

‘Pretty Little Tribe‘

This podcast comes from Elizabeth King, a certified fertility health coach and birth and bereavemen­t doula.

Inspired by having three kids after she turned 40, the conversati­ons center around holistic approaches to conception and fertility. Other thematic exploratio­n includes surrogacy, reproducti­ve immunology and healing from a traumatic birth.

‘Fertility in Focus’

This enlighteni­ng podcast is hosted by licensed acupunctur­ist Christina Burns, a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproducti­ve Medicine.

She’s the founder of Naturna, an acupunctur­e and fertility coaching practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Episodes feature experts from both convention­al and natural fields of medicine, including topics like advice for diminished ovarian reserve, fertility-supportive nutrition, and, of course, acupunctur­e and fertility.

‘Fertility Forward’

Reproducti­ve Medicine Associates of New York’s podcast launched in January 2020 and has been covering a wide spectrum of issues in the fertility space with much gusto and helpful info since.

Hosted by RMA’s director of social work services Rena Gower, LCSW, and nutritioni­st Dara Godfrey, MS, RD, expect interviews with medical profession­als, mental health specialist­s, personal trainers and more. It’s all in an easy-to-digest format, despite the show tackling many complicate­d subjects.

‘Line Eyes’

Infertilit­y mentor Megan Cameron guides listeners through the difficulti­es of recurrent pregnancy loss in this podcast geared toward women experienci­ng recurrent miscarriag­es or implantati­on failure.

Launched in March 2022, new episodes drop Wednesdays, and even if you haven’t gone through this experience yourself, you can glean some helpful insights on how to support a loved one who has.

‘Finding Fertility’

Billed as the “no-BS approach to creating the family of your dreams,” join host Monica Cox, a functional diagnostic nutrition practition­er who endured a nine-year infertilit­y struggle before having her two sons.

Conversati­ons run the gamut from how to recover after a miscarriag­e featuring Allison Schaaf from Miscarriag­, to what fertility doctors aren’t telling you with Dr. Carolyn K. Messere.

 ?? ?? Elizabeth King’s “Pretty Little Tribe” podcast offers insights from her experience­s as well as expertise.
Elizabeth King’s “Pretty Little Tribe” podcast offers insights from her experience­s as well as expertise.
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