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Dossier is on deck in docket

- Ben Feuerherd and Bruce Golding

The trial of former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann is set to be followed by special counsel John Durham’s case against a source of discredite­d reports in the infamous “Steele dossier” — with potentiall­y more prosecutio­ns to come.

Like Sussmann, Igor Danchenko — who faces trial in Virginia in October — is accused of lying to the FBI, including denying that public relations executive Charles “Chuck” Dolan Jr., a longtime Bill and Hillary Clinton supporter, provided him with informatio­n he passed along to former British spy Christophe­r Steele for opposition research against former President Donald Trump.

The material allegedly included elements of the salacious allegation that Russian intelligen­ce had a recording of prostitute­s urinating on a bed in the presidenti­al suite of Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton at Trump’s direction because former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama had slept in it.

Dolan appeared shocked after the dossier was published by BuzzFeed shortly before Trump’s 2017 inaugurati­on.

Sussmann and Danchenko have pleaded not guilty.

Former high-ranking Justice Department prosecutor Jim Trusty said “the big question with the Durham probe is whether it goes further up one of two chains.”

One involves whether the alleged wrongdoing of Sussmann goes “all the way up the ladder” of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to the candidate herself, said Trusty.

Other potential targets include FBI officials who may have “knowingly” used false informatio­n to mislead the secret Foreign Intelligen­ce Surveillan­ce Court to authorize wiretaps against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, Trusty said.

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