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DeB airs grievance at foe’s MSNBC time


Mayor-turned-congressio­nal candidate Bill de Blasio has accused MSNBC of giving his Democratic­primary rival Dan Goldman free airtime and an unfair advantage in their race for a House seat in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Goldman, who was the chief Democratic lawyer in the House during President Donald Trump’s first impeachmen­t proceeding, has been a paid legal analyst at the left-leaning cable news outlet.

During a recent remote appearance to discuss the congressio­nal hearings on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the attorney could be seen with “Dan Goldman for Congress” posters behind him, de Blasio complained in a letter to MSNBC President Rashida Jones.

“Mr. Goldman is officially a candidate for Congress in the newly created 10th Congressio­nal District in New York City. And as a declared candidate for this seat, he has appeared on MSNBC at least four times, sometimes with advertisem­ents for his campaign in the background shot of these media hits,” de Blasio said in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

“While I deeply respect the expertise of Mr. Goldman, these appearance­s . . . are not meant to serve as free advertisin­g for his Congressio­nal campaign.

“These appearance­s provide

him with an unfair competitiv­e advantage against the 14 other candidates in the race and could even be construed as an in-kind donation to Mr. Goldman’s campaign.”

Noting that it would be impractica­l to give all 15 candidates equal airtime, de Blasio asked the network to “cease Daniel Goldman’s appearance­s on MSNBC through the duration of this campaign.”

An MSNBC spokespers­on declined to comment, other than to confirm that Goldman’s paid gig as a legal analyst with the network ended before he announced his bid for Congress.

De Blasio’s complaint raised eyebrows in political circles, given that he has appeared more than a half dozen times on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” dating back to his last term in office. He even announced his candidacy for Congress on “Morning Joe.”

A Goldman rep dismissed de Blasio’s gripe as sour grapes.

“Based on Dan’s work leading the impeachmen­t of Donald Trump, it is not surprising that MSNBC has asked him to provide expert analysis on Trump’s authoritar­ian scheme to abuse his power and undermine our democracy,” said Goldman campaign spokesman Richard Fife.

“It is not Dan’s fault or MSNBC’s that Bill de Blasio’s views are not equally valued.”

These appearance­s provide [Dan Goldman] with an unfair competitiv­e advantage.

— Bill de Blasio

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