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- Ben Kesslen, with Wires

Dozens of mall shoppers in Canada were stunned when a sheriff handed them a piece of paper last week and said they must go to jury duty — immediatel­y.

The Calgary sheriff was invoking a procedure that lets the court order people to jury duty with no notice if it runs out of jurors.

The shoppers had the option of reporting to the court by choice or by force.

This is tough to swallow. A high-up Pakistani official is being mocked for saying the remedy to the country’s economic woes is to drink less tea.

The politician said the price of importing tea for Pakistan’s 220 million people is draining the country’s reserves, which help offset the cost for residents.

The ridiculed minister told tea drinkers to forgo at least one cup a day.

You’ll get dizzy listening to Weezer’s new single.

The band just released the tune “Records” exclusivel­y on an app that makes you have to spin around like a vinyl record to hear it.

As soon as you stop spinning, the song stops playing, so you have to twirl for more than 3 minutes to listen to the entire tune.

The tiny town of Moffat, Colo., is thinking about changing its name to “Kush” to acknowledg­e the impact that legal marijuana has had on its economy.

Moffat’s mayor said the village of just more than 100 people was reborn when residents started growing weed legally there and brought in jobs and a big influx of cash — prompting the potential name-change hailing a well-known strain of weed.

Omaha, Neb., residents were crying foul when they went to park this weekend and the city’s meters were charging $30.

To cash in during the College World Series, the city temporaril­y switched the regular two- to three-hour meters at $1.25 per hour to a flat fee of $30 for 12 hours.

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