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Stern’s Hypocritic­al Callout Of Mickelson’s Saudi Tour


It amazes me that everyone in the golf world is attacking Phil Mickelson for joining the LIV golf league because it is run by a Saudi prince (“Stern tees off on Phil,” June 15).

At least Phil was honest and said he did it for the money. What is President Biden’s excuse? He is running there to beg the Saudi government for oil — and a lower price on it. Why? Because he is trying to save his hide.

He destroyed our oil industry, which was selfsuffic­ient.

Now he has to go to Saudi Arabia for oil.

How is that “green”? Instead of Saudis pumping it and shipping to us, burning fuel in the process, we could be using our own here. Does anyone else see an issue?

Why isn’t everyone on Biden for going to Saudi Arabia? John Natale

Long Beach

I had to laugh about Howard Stern calling all golfers who took part in the Saudi tour “sellouts.”

How quickly he forgets what a sellout he is: He used to have former President Donald Trump on his show regularly and kissed up to him about all the woman he would date. Then he bashed Trump once he became president. You’re the sellout, Howard. Lance Lovejoy


The fact that you had an article about Phil Mickelson in your paper quoting Howard Stern was absolutely insane.

Howard has made fun of black people in blackface, made fun of people with disabiliti­es — and I can go on and on.

It’s golf, nothing more. I don’t see articles about those in golf or other sports kissing the backsides of China and the many other countries that have human-rights issues.

Just look at equipment manufactur­ers and see where they do business. And since when is the PGA without sin?

Philip Vallone


Is Howard Stern going to go off on LeBron James? Is he going to get rid of all the stuff in his studio that is made in China? I doubt it.

He’s another hypocrite who thinks people care what he says. This no-talent scrub made a living off of degrading women and people with deformitie­s. Just take a look at how he said Saudi people would be talking to sheep or camels if it weren’t for oil.

Who is he to judge anyone’s decisions after the way he exploited people to make his fortune?

Joe Micare


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