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Teen slain at J’teenth DC concert

- Snejana Farberov, Emily Crane

A 15-year-old boy was shot dead at a chaotic, illegal Juneteenth concert in Washington, DC, over the weekend, “screaming out for his mom’’ as he lay dying in the street, cops and witnesses said Monday.

Police are still looking for the gunman and a motive in Sunday’s shooting, which also left three people injured, including a cop. They are all in stable condition at a hospital.

The teen was identified by police as Chase Lorenzo Poole. Officers found a gun on him, but it wasn’t the firearm that shot him, law-enforcemen­t sources told The Washington Post.

Police don’t yet know if Poole — who had been shot twice before, including as recently as February — was the intended target.

The shooting broke out as police tried to shut down an unpermitte­d concert called Moechella about two miles north of the White House.

“The person who took Chase’s life and brought this violence to our community must be held accountabl­e,” Metropolit­an Police Chief Robert Contee said.

“The investigat­ion is ongoing as detectives canvass the scene to collect evidence and conduct witness interviews.”

Witness Daniel Dyson told news station Fox 5 DC that he heard Poole cry for his mother.

“It’s hurtful to hear that, man. And no one was able to help him,” Dyson said.

“To see him go, it bothers me. All of this that’s going on here it bothers me. And it needs to come to a stop. It really does.”

Dyson also lauded the courage of the wounded police officer.

“I was sitting next to a cop. Next thing you know, shots rang out,” he recalled. “He did not want to stay down. He proceeded on. He was shot in the leg. And he kept moving. He went to the fire. He did not run away.”

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