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New York’s dashing diners

- Cindy Adams

NYC’S new Nines restaurant fed Pharrell, Katie Holmes, Barry Diller, Jane Rosenthal, plus in the corner table inhaling speciality burgers and potato whatevers R. De Niro, his son Julian and A. Cuomo. The place closed around midnight — maybe when it ran out of ketchup.

A. Cuomo — Andrew — does restaurant­s. His table location has pinpointed his position in life. As governor his dinners were often in some upstairs closed-off private space. Private attention. Private room. When he just recently sat down in population, it was like sending out a shoutout. Fellow diners understood he was no longer running.

New in Tok radio

MUSIC execs are humming a new theory. With buyers viewing too many TikTok videos, they’ve decided future pop songs will run 16 seconds. Music execs are money oriented not music oriented. They buy catalogs to make big bucks. As in dough-re-mi. Their love for music is flat. So’s this idea. Psychologi­sts say the brain kicks into a good space after a 10-minute piece of music.

Historic times

WE just celebrated Juneteenth. 1861 Lincoln called elections “big boils.” Painful, he said, but once over “the nation becomes healthy again.” Several Southern states declared against favoring all men created equal. Early on Washington, Franklin, Hamilton declared dividing America could create another Europe into a disjointed cluster.

So, on July Fourth — be reminded of the greatness of America and our need to come together.

Settees on set

SUMMER READING: Producer Dolly Hall, granddaugh­ter of the late Dorothy Schiff, longtime New York Post owner, optioned TV and film rights to “The Draper Touch: The High Life and High Style of Dorothy Draper” — USA’s most famous decorator. Author Carleton Varney, himself a great decorator, tarted up the Carlyle and White House. The book’s on and at bookshops.

Liquid & courage

MORE reading. Studying ancient times to maybe glean survival these COVID days brought up an old Washington Post story reporting former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean told a Longfellow Middle School science class in La Crosse, Wis., that “I do not recommend drinking urine but if you drink water straight from the river, you have a greater chance of getting an infection than if you drank urine.”

Peggy Salinger’s “Dream Catcher” says J.D. Salinger drank his own body fluid as a health kick. Also American Spectator reported Brit actress Sarah Miles cured her hay fever and sinus problems by imbibing that and then saying: “I drink it neat. It cured my hay fever and sinus problems. I’m allergic to alcohol and have never taken drugs — so it’s pretty pure stuff.”

SO, listen, don’t believe in the mentioned remedies? Prefer today’s medical theories? Know that modern medicine has made enormous progress with new miracle drugs. No matter what your condition, doctors can now keep you alive at least long enough to pay their bill.

For sure only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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