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Weird BUT true

- Ben Kesslen, with Wires

It seemed like music to their ears . . .

People across the US unexpected­ly received extra Sonos speakers in the mail — but the pricey gadgets came with a catch.

Sonos told customers it would charge them for the surplus speakers if they don’t send them back, and even asked folks to take the dozens of extra goods they received to their local UPS store.

One man said he ordered five things from the company, but ended up getting 30.

It’s so hot in Oklahoma right now that even the highways are getting bent out of shape.

Roads in Oklahoma City are buckling in the extreme heat that followed a long bout of rain, and the broken pavement is causing some major traffic disruption­s.

The thruways in the state are designed to withstand heatwaves, and highway authoritie­s said it’s rare to see them get distorted this early into summer.

Only the players are allowed to score.

FIFA officials are telling fans going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup that they better keep it in their pants.

According to a report, fans who engage in premarital sex could go to prison for seven years, per Qatar laws.

A family in Western Australia was walking along the beach and happened upon a fluffy crab that looked so strange they took it to a local museum for inspection.

It turned out the crab — that wears a sponge on its head — was a new species altogether.

Scientists named the strange crustacean the Lamarckdro­mia beagle after the ship Charles Darwin used to travel the world.

Furr real?

A Tennessee couple believed they found an abandoned kitten in their backyard — but it turned out to be a bobcat.

The couple rushed the furball to an animal shelter, where workers immediatel­y recognized it a baby bobcat, not a domesticat­ed kitten, and took it to a nearby wildlife-rescue organizati­on.

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