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Biden’s Bicycle Tumble: A Sign of Physical Decline

THE ISSUE: President Biden’s fall while dismountin­g his bike after a ride on Saturday.


• It’s great that Grandpa Biden is riding his bike, but I believe he does so in order to show America and the world that he is in better shape healthwise in order to change the narrative that he is failing both physically and mentally (“Down goes Joe,” June 19). It’s a political game that he’s has been playing for over 40 years.

Then he fell. It’s great that he’s OK, but just wait and see: At his first chance to talk to the press, he will probably blame either former President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin or both for his fall. That’s his character. He never, ever takes any blame.

Peter Gryzmolowi­cz

Oceans, Mass.

• Now that President Biden is unable to find a balance when coming to a halt, will all-electric training wheels become mandated as de rigueur for the nation’s bicycles?

And how much longer can we be expected to follow someone who is no longer able to navigate a flight of steps or a bike path? Surely, not until 2024. It’s time we put our foot down.

James Evans Worcester, Mass.

• Biden just fell off his bike on a weekend ride.

I think by now in Biden’s presidency, the voters are beginning to think like Biden’s bike: Enough is enough, so get off our backs and let us return to a smooth ride in life.

Harry Winkler West Palm Beach, Fla.

• I’m not a fan of Biden and his wrecking-ball policies that are all but destroying America, but his

bicycle spill should make all aware of how fragile his health has become.

Yes, falling off a bike has happened to almost all, but Joe was in a stationary position. His walking gait is obviously somewhat comprised, and that could play a part in his stumbling as well.

I don’t think excuses about bike pedals are sufficient enough in making a diagnosis about Joe’s physical health.

Ron Zajicek Cortlandt Manor

• I can hardly think of anything more pathetic than the US president with his wife and entourage going on a bike ride in the hope of showing the president’s health. It ended up being just ridiculous.

Hans Sander Gordon, Australia

• I was happy to hear that Biden was unhurt when he fell off his bike.

I only wish I could say the same for my investment­s during his administra­tion.

Lenny Rodin Forest Hills

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