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‘Heil no’ to app’s AI Hitler


An AI app has been hit with backlash for allowing users to chat with controvers­ial figures from history — including Adolf Hitler.

Historical Figures uses artificial intelligen­ce to create “text conversati­ons with robots meant to simulate the perspectiv­es of notable people,” NBC reports.

The app, which became available on Apple’s App Store this month, allows users to chat with over 20,000 virtual personalit­ies, including Plato, Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ. Critics say the inclusion of dictators such as Hitler makes the “education” app unfit for schools.

Yaël Eisenstat of the Anti-Defamation League told NBC News: “Having pretend conversati­ons with Hitler — and presumably other well-known antiSemite­s from history — is deeply disturbing and will provide fodder for bigots.”

The app’s creator, Sidhant Chadda, said it’s a work in progress: “If . . . the model’s output is racist, sexist or hateful in content, I actually omit the response entirely,” he told NBC.

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