New York Post

Flocking night owls

- Cindy Adams

NYC in one night: Elegant classy Le Bernardin. Three Michelin stars. Eric Ripert in his chef whites greeting the Atlanta pair who came straight from JFK — with luggage — for his signature eight-course tasting menu.

Then Part 2. Friki Tiki. An undergroun­d 1,200square-foot nightclub/bar on 44th and Ninth. Getaway cars don’t even drive there.

They schlepped me through a secret back entrance, around a kitchen and locker room, past rusty elevator doors, down a crappy hall, alongside laundry in a basement steam room, sidestep a boiler and — wow! — enter what a Realtor might call a teardown.

I’m told it’s for actors after work. Like — in a leap from Jerusalem — also there was Tovah Feldshuh who played Golda Meir on Broadway.

It’s open 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Cocktail’s $16. Bites, under $20.

Proprietor Greg Nobile produces B’way’s musical “Parade” this spring. Standing ass-to-ass, capacity’s 100 — but the only chair was under the regal behind of saloon Queen Consort Susanne Bartsch. And crowded? Rikers is roomier.

Go. Forget black tie. Or any tie. Or shirt.

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