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DOJ now has Delaware visitor logs


Visitor logs detailing who had access to President Biden’s Delaware home where classified documents from his time as a senator and vice president were improperly stashed away are now in the hands of the Justice Department and National Archives, the White House said Monday.

After the Secret Service initially denied last week that such records existed, the counsel’s office told House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) that the agencies now had custody of the logs.

“The White House Counsel . . . explained that the White House does not have possession of the documents, that the Archives and DOJ have taken [them] into their possession and stressed the importance of protecting the integrity and independen­ce of law-enforcemen­t investigat­ions,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.

Comer had formally requested details of visitors to the Wilmington, Del., home in a letter earlier Monday to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle.

“The US Secret Service protected President Biden during the time he stored these classified materials at his Wilmington residence,” Comer wrote. “Given the White House’s lack of transparen­cy regarding President Biden’s residentia­l visitor logs, the committee seeks informatio­n from the Secret Service regarding who had access to his home since serving as vice president.”

He said the committee requested a visitor log from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain on Jan. 15, but were told administra­tion officials “do not maintain” such things. Caitlin Doornbos

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