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Ghis skips apology to Epstein victims

- Lee Brown

A tone-deaf Ghislaine Maxwell says the young women she sex-trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein should turn their anger on authoritie­s — who “allowed” the notorious pedophile to kill himself in custody.

The 61-year-old madam ignored the chance to apologize to the pair’s victims during an interview from the cushy Florida federal prison where she is serving 20 years for helping her perverted ex abuse them.

Instead, during her chat with Britain’s TalkTV, Maxwell appeared to try to divert attention to the scandal of Epstein’s suicide.

Maxwell, who was filmed talking into a prison phone, was given the chance to say she was sorry to the victims. But she only responded, “I say that Epstein died, and they should take their disappoint­ment and upset out on the authoritie­s who allowed that to happen.

“And, as I said, I hope that they have some closure by the judicial process that took place,” she said during the interview, which aired Monday.

Further fueling conspiracy theories about Epstein’s August 2019 suicide in a Manhattan lockup, Maxwell added, “I believe that he was murdered.

“I was shocked,” she said of her former bestie’s death. “Then I wondered how it had happened. Because as far as I was concerned, he was going to, I was sure he was going to appeal. And I was sure he was covered under the non-prosecutio­n agreement.”

Epstein died while was awaiting trial on serious sex charges in the case.

 ?? ?? GHISLANE MAXWELL “Blame the authoritie­s.”
GHISLANE MAXWELL “Blame the authoritie­s.”

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