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War watch: Putin’s Terror Must Lose


After Russia’s bombing of a Dnipro residentia­l building, which by one count killed 45 and injured 75 more, “the West needs to recognize that” while “Russia cannot win” in Ukraine, “it can continue with its genocide” until stopped by force, argues Alexander J. Motyl at The Hill. “Ukraine must receive — immediatel­y — all the heavy weapons it needs to stop Russia and drive it out of the territorie­s it seized.” All the “mass rapes, the kidnapping of children, numerous torture chambers, Nazi-style executions, and the wanton destructio­n of civilians and their homes” show that “nothing less than a Ukrainian victory will end the strategic and human rights nightmare that is [Vladimir] Putin’s Russia,” and “a prolonged stalemate means the death of hundreds of thousands.” The West “can watch Ukrainians die and lose, or it can help Ukrainians survive and win by doing everything possible to stop” Putin now.

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Vladimir Putin

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