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Campus beat: Penn Biden Center = Corruption

- — Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

The classified docs found at Joe Biden’s old office highlight the unsavory nature of the Penn Biden Center itself, fumes Charles Lipson at Spectator World: The center was “purpose-built to give Biden’s inner circle a snug resting place as they waited for Joe to run again,” while the exveep’s “position there was richly paid and required almost no work.” Worse, it “provided a hidden way for donors, both foreign and domestic, to cull favor with a prospectiv­e presidenti­al candidate, fatten his wallet, and do it all behind closed doors.” The university insists the center got no “donor funding, aside from a few thousand dollars,” but doesn’t address cash “transferre­d from one university account to another to mask its origins.” And Penn got some $30 million “from well-connected Chinese nationals after the Center was establishe­d.” Did Joe benefit improperly “from the many profitable contacts his family had with foreign entities, some of them corrupt”?

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