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The Left’s War on the Mayor


With the hard-left Working Families Party actively campaignin­g against Mayor Adams’ agenda in advance of June’s City Council primaries, it’s the duty of all sensible New Yorkers to rally behind him as the state’s only prominent Democrat willing to speak basic truths.

The WFP pushes defunding the police and yet more “criminal-justice reform,” as if nobail, etc. weren’t bad enough. Adams, by contrast, said Sunday: “If you go into the average community of color or any community, they’ll tell you, ‘No, we want our police — but we want them to do fair policing.’ ”

The WFP-backed progressiv­es who rule the roost in the Legislatur­e refuse to hear the message on crime, and indeed just humiliated Gov. Hochul over her choice of Hector LaSalle to be state chief judge.

This, though the gov has repeatedly capitulate­d to the left on bail reform and so on. Only Adams is willing to tell the truth out loud.

He fights the good fight on public safety while crime-loving leftists like state Sens. Michael Gianaris and Brad Hoylman-Sigal stifle any effort for meaningful change to our disastrous criminal-justice “reforms” — even as crime data show serious assaults already up 18% this year over the same period in 2022 and burdensome discovery rules driving conviction rates down and experience­d attorneys out of DA offices statewide.

On immigratio­n, too, leftists like city Comptrolle­r Brad Lander simply don’t care how much damage “invite them in” policies inflict on the cities and states that face the massive inflows. Only Adams is willing to say the White House needs to get the crisis at the border under control.

The mayor’s far from perfect — we’d love him to be more outspoken — but in the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party that dominates this city and state, he’s leading the side of the angels. Godspeed, sir.

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