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TLC is ready if Alec jailed


Producers of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s new reality-TV show are preparing for the possibilit­y that the star could face jail time after his trial in the shooting death of “Rust” cinematogr­apher Halyna Hutchins.

But cameras will keep rolling, no matter what happens.

Two sources with knowledge of the show tell The Post that producers of “The Baldwins” on TLC have already factored the trial into their storylines and production.

“The Baldwins signed the deal while Alec was already dealing with his legal issues,” said a TLC source. “Everyone knew then — and knows now — that the trial could be part of the storyline. The show will still premiere in 2025.”

Hilaria and the couple’s youngest daughter showed up with Alec, 66, for the start of jury selection in his involuntar­y-manslaught­er trial in Santa Fe, NM, on Tuesday.

Opening statements are set to begin at 10:30 a.m. EDT Wednesday. His trial is expected to last 10 days, and the proceeding­s will be livestream­ed on Court TV.

Baldwin faces up to 18 months in jail, if convicted.

Last month, Alec and Hilaria announced that the upcoming show will focus on their home life with their seven kids: Carmen, 10, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 7, Romeo, 6, Eduardo, 3, Maria, 3, and Iliaria, 1.

If Baldwin is convicted, the show will take a different tone, a second production insider said.

“Alec and Hilaria were willing to open up their lives for the show, no matter where their lives lead,” the insider said.

“If he’s convicted and spends time in jail, that will be part of the show. And if not, then his acquittal and the aftermath will be part of the show.”

‘There are contingenc­ies’

“There are contingenc­ies for almost every scenario,” says the production source. “Obviously, no one wants him to go to jail, but if he does, we’ll roll with it and work through it.”

Reps for the Baldwins and TLC did not respond to requests for comment.

Baldwin is accused of firing the gun that killed Hutchins on set in October 2021. According to incident reports, Baldwin picked up a gun that he allegedly did not realize was loaded with a live round. Police say that he pointed it at Hutchins and fired once, striking her. Prosecutor­s have accused him of reckless behavior that caused the 42-year-old mother’s death.

In an affidavit after the shooting, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said that neither Baldwin nor first assistant director David Halls knew that the gun was loaded.

The armorer on the set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was convicted of involuntar­y manslaught­er in March and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

 ?? ?? GOOD DADDY: Alec Baldwin helps wife Hilaria put their child in a stroller before his trial Tuesday in New Mexico.
GOOD DADDY: Alec Baldwin helps wife Hilaria put their child in a stroller before his trial Tuesday in New Mexico.

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