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FEMA to assist in six-day Delaware vaccinatio­n event


Delaware officials are par tnering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to open a drivethru COVID-19 vaccinatio­n site for six days beginning Sunday.

Officials said FEMA will provide resources and staf fing and operationa­l suppor t at the vaccinatio­n site at Dover Internatio­nal Speedway.

State officials requested federal assistance to establish a vaccinatio­n site to provide second doses of vaccine to up to 3,000 Delawarean­s a day for six days.

The second-dose appointmen­ts will be available only for those who received first doses at one of four state-run mass vaccinatio­n events last month.

Appointmen­ts are required for the FEMA vaccinatio­n clinic.

On arrival at the site, people will have to provide confirmati­on of their appointmen­ts and vaccinatio­n card with proof of their first COVID-19 vaccinatio­n.

Public health officials will initially schedule appointmen­ts for the first five days, Feb. 21-25, and will open the sixth day as needed. The event was supposed to start Saturday but was delayed one day due to inclement weather elsewhere in the country that affected travel.

A spokeswoma­n for the Division of Public Health said the state has reserved doses specifical­ly for the FEMA events so that supply will be available. Delaware’s vaccine website showed about 7,500 doses remaining as of Tuesday afternoon. Officials said nearly 16,000 of the roughly 30,000 doses allocated to Delaware this week will be distribute­d for first-dose administra­tion.

As of Tuesday, officials had reported 79,071 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Delaware and 1,291 COVID-related deaths. More than half the reported deaths involve residents of long-term care facilities, although long-term care residents account for less than 3 percent of COVID-19 cases.

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