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While Pres­i­dent Obama’s po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents continue to try and dis­credit his Pa­tient Pro­tec­tion and Af­ford­able Care AFW oI 2010, WhH EHnH­fiWs oI hLs OanGPaUk hHaOWh FaUH UHIoUP leg­is­la­tion continue to ex­pand.

AuJ. 1 PaUkHG LPSOHPHnWaWLon oI WhH Oaw’s SUovLsLon WhaW JuaUanWHHs woPHn aFFHss Wo FHUWaLn SUHvHnWLvH hHaOWh sHUvLFHs wLWhouW EHLnJ FhaUJHG GHGuFWLEOHs oU Fo-Says Ey WhHLU Ln­suUanFH FoPSanLHs. ThH sHUvLFHs, Fon­sLsWHnW wLWh WhosH of­fered to many mem­bers of Congress through their health plans paid for in part by tax­pay­ers, are rec­om­mended by WhH LnGHSHnGHnW ,nsWLWuWH oI MHGLFLnH anG U.S. 3UHvHnWLvH SHUvLFHs Task FoUFH.

ThHy LnFOuGH an­nuaO wHOO vLsLWs Wo GoFWoUs, A,DS vLUus sFUHHnLnJ anG Foun­sHOLnJ IoU sHx­u­aOOy aFWLvH woPHn as well as coun­sel­ing about other sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted in­fecWLons. FoU woPHn 30 anG uS, sHUvLFHs FovHUHG LnFOuGH D1A test­ing for the most com­mon sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted dis­ease, H3V, whLFh Fan OHaG Wo FHUvLFaO FanFHU. SHUvLFHs aOso LnFOuGH sFUHHnLnJ anG Foun­sHOLnJ IoU GoPHsWLF vLoOHnFH, which af­fects an es­ti­mated 25 per­cent of Amer­i­can women.

In­sur­ance com­pa­nies will no longer be able to charge woPHn IoU usH oI FonWUaFHSWLvHs aSSUovHG Ey WhH FooG anG DUuJ AGPLnLsWUaWLon, oU IoU IaPLOy SOan­nLnJ Foun­sHOLnJ. 2IfiFLaOs Ln WhH 5oPan CaWhoOLF ChuUFh whLFh, OLkH oWhHU reli­gious or­ga­ni­za­tions en­joys tax-free sta­tus in the United SWaWHs, havH WULHG Wo WUan­sIoUP WhLs SUHvHnWLvH hHaOWh PHa­sure into a “reli­gious lib­erty” de­bate be­cause of the in­clusLon oI FonWUaFHSWLon FovHUaJH.

EvHn wLWh 2EaPa’s FoPSUoPLsH WhaW UHOLJLous HPSOoyHUs Go noW havH Wo GLUHFWOy SUovLGH ELUWh FonWUoO Wo any­onH, church lead­ers continue to protest as though women are beLnJ IoUFHG Wo usH FonWUaFHSWLon as oSSosHG Wo EHLnJ JLvHn ac­cess to it.

MLOOLons oI APHULFan woPHn, LnFOuGLnJ 5oPan CaWhoOLFs, usH oUaO FonWUaFHSWLvHs LI WhHy Fan aIIoUG WhHP, noW onOy IoU ELUWh FonWUoO EuW Wo SUHvHnW hHavy EOooG Ooss GuUing men­stru­a­tion, de­bil­i­tat­ing en­dometrio­sis and reg­u­lat­ing their men­strual cy­cles, which can as­sist them in be­com­ing preg­nant.

:hHn WhHy Go FonFHLvH, WhHsH woPHn wLOO FonWLnuH Wo EHnH­fiW IUoP hHaOWh FaUH UHIoUP WhUouJh IUHH aFFHss Wo screening for ges­ta­tional di­a­betes, a se­ri­ous preg­nancy-reOaWHG GLsHasH. :hHn WhHy JLvH ELUWh, WhH Oaw SUovLGHs IoU free sup­port, sup­plies and coun­sel­ing for breast­feed­ing, one of the most pow­er­ful boosts for their chil­dren’s im­mune sys­tems.

GovHUnPHnW oI­fiFLaOs HsWLPaWH 47 PLOOLon woPHn wLOO EHnH­fiW IUoP WhLs nHw SUovLsLon — 2,121,806 Ln 3HnnsyO­vanLa.

,n 3HnnsyO­vanLa, WhHy Fan EH aGGHG Wo WhH 4.5 PLOOLon who no OonJHU havH Wo woUUy WhaW Ln­suUanFH FoPSanLHs wLOO OLPLW WhH aPounW oI FaUH WhHy Fan UHFHLvH, WhH 4,560 wLWh SUHHxLsWLnJ FonGLWLons SUHvLousOy GHnLHG hHaOWh Ln­suUanFH, WhH 64,000 unGHU aJH 26 now aEOH Wo UHPaLn on WhHLU SaUHnWs’ hHaOWh Ln­suUanFH SoOLFLHs unWLO WhHy finG MoEs anG 235,000 MHGLFaUH EHnH­fiFLaULHs who havH savHG an avHUaJH oI $662 each on drug costs, all be­cause of health care re­form.

Then, there are the es­ti­mated 13 mil­lion Amer­i­cans exSHFWHG Wo UHFHLvH UHEaWHs IUoP WhHLU hHaOWh Ln­suUanFH FoP­pa­nies be­cause their in­sur­ers ex­ceeded the Act’s pa­ram­e­ters IoU HxHFuWLvH EonusHs anG aGPLnLsWUaWLvH FosWs, as FoPSaUHG to money spent on ac­tual health care.

2I FouUsH, APHULFans who EHOLHvH WhHsH EHnH­fiWs oI hHaOWh FaUH UHIoUP aUH EHLnJ “shovHG Gown WhHLU WhUoaWs” aUH FHU­tainly wel­come to re­ject them. It is, af­ter all, a free coun­try.

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