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News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - OBITUARIES -

To the Ed­i­tor:

How long will the GOP party bosses continue to Oook OLkH WhH EuWWoFks oI WhH DHPoFUaWLF DonkHy Ey SUo­mot­ing Mitt Flip-Flop EtchA-SkHWFh SoFLaOLsW 5oPnHyFaUH 5oPnHy as WhHLU pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee af­ter 5oPnHy has shown hLs WUuH col­ors and in­ept­ness through the fol­low­ing three sets of self-im­pli­cat­ing exposures?

FLUsW, 5oPnHy OosW hLs soFLaO Fon­sHU­vaWLvH EasH by join­ing Obama in stat­ing that the Boy Scouts of Amer­ica should burn their own SUL­vaWH oUJanLza­WLon’s pol­icy to al­low ho­mo­sex­uaO PHn LnWo WhHLU Uanks. Sec­ond, as re­ported by The Wash­ing­ton Post and oth­ers on AuJ. 9, 5oPnHy OosW hLs IUHH PaUkHW anWL-soFLaOLsW base by join­ing Obama and SLvoWLnJ EaFk Ln suSSoUW oI 5oPnHyFaUH GuULnJ hLs ap­pear­ance on “Jay Leno” and dur­ing his cam­paign sWoS Ln DHs MoLnHs, ,owa. AnG WhLUG, 5oPnHy OosW aOO cred­i­bil­ity in his abil­ity to up­hold for­eign re­la­tions dur­ing his re­cent trip to Europe, where Prime Min­is­ter DavLG CaPHUon UHSULPanGHG 5oPnHy ovHU 5oPnHy’s Olympic Games preparaWLons Ln­suOW; SaHE EUHkaW, a se­nior aide to Pales­tinian Pres­i­dent Mah­moud Ab­bas, UHSULPanGHG 5oPnHy IoU a “racist state­ment” against Pales­tine; and, to put the FhHUUy on WoS, ,sUaHOL DHIHnsH MLnLsWHU EhuG BaUak came for­ward with praise for Obama.

Is there any com­mon sense at all in GOP lead­er­ship to noPL­naWH DU. 5on 3auO, WhH OLEHUWy-SUHsHUvLnJ SoOaU oS­posite of Obama, in­stead of Obama’s fra­ter­nal twin, Mitt FOLS-FOoS EWFh-A-SkHWFh SoFLaOLsW 5oPnHyCaUH AnWLBSA ,nWHU­naWLonaO ,nHSW 5oPney, or has the GOP lead­er­ship EHFoPH a FoPSOHWH GonkHy? Erich G. Lu­Nas


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