News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - AROUND TOWN -

• Free Will Brew­ing Co., 410 E. Wal­nut Street, Suite 10, Perkasie, will hold its fiUsW eveU RSen hRuse nRRn WR 4 S.P. SaWuU­day, AuJ. 18.

SaPSles and WRuUs will Ee in­cluded.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 1246.

215-783- keW. The liEUaUy will SUR­vide Whe SRScRUn.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.ivSl. RUJ RU 215-723-9109.

•A flea mar­ket and craft fair will Ee held 9 a.P. WR 2 S.P. SaWuU­day, AuJ. 18 aW PA 1aWiR­nal GuaUd AUPRUy 228Wh HHD, &UessPan AUPRUy Rn EasW PaUk Av­enue, SelleUsville.

All SURceeds Eene­fiW Whe PAA1G faPilies.

Ren­Wal sSace is $10; $15 fRU sSace wiWh WaEle and/RU chairs.

HRW dRJs, haPEuUJeUs and EeveUaJe will Ee availaEle fRU SuUchase.

• Mil­i­tary vet­er­ans look­ing for em­ploy­ment can PeeW wiWh a PA &aUeeULink veWeUan’s UeSUe­senWaWive

• Perkasie Carousel, in 0enlR PaUk aW S. ThiUd SWUeeW and PaUk Av­enue, PeUkasie, will Ee RSen nRRn WR 5 S.P. Sun­day, AuJ. 19.

Erin Price, Miss Key­stone 2012, will Ee SRs­inJ fRU SicWuUes, siJn­inJ auWRJUaShs and Uais­inJ funds fRU Whe &hildUen’s 0iUa­cle 1eWwRUk and Whe Save Whe 0usic FRun­daWiRn.

,nfRUPaWiRn: kasiehisWRUy.RUJ.

• The 14Wh an­nual Un­der the Stars &aU ShRw, SUe­senWed Ey PeUkasie Olde TRwne AssR­ci­aWiRn and Whe GRRdTiPe 0RWRU­vaWRUs &aU &luE, will Ee 5 WR 9:30 S.P. SaWuU­day, AuJ. 18 Rn Whe sWUeeWs Rf down­town Perkasie.

AlRnJ wiWh aERuW 400 caUs, Whe shRw feaWuUes Pu­sic Ey HRdJe PRdJe and SlenWy Rf fRRd. SeveUal dRwnWRwn shRSs will Ee RSen Rf­feUinJ caU shRw sSe­cials.

The Uain daWe is 1 WR 6 S.P. Sun­day, AuJ. 19.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.SeUkasieRldeWRwne.RUJ, www. JRRd-WiPePRWRU­vaWRUs.cRP RU 215-257-4989.

www.SeU- fURP Bucks &RunWy 9 a.P. WR nRRn RU 1 WR 3 S.P. Wed­nes­day, AuJ. 22 aW Whe PA &aUeeULink Rf­fice in Bucks &RunWy &RPPu­niWy &RlleJe’s uSSeU cRunWy caPSus aW 1 Hil­len­dale RRad in EasW Rock­hill.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 215-7811073. TR UeJisWeU: www.Sa­caUeeUlink.sWaWe.Sa.us.

• HeaU Whe vRices Rf sRPe Rf Whe lives WhaW have Eeen chanJed Ey adRSWiRn, child sSRn­sRUshiS and cRPPu­niWy SURJUaPs in Dis­cover the Legacy, an hRuU-lRnJ cRPSliPenWaUy WRuU Rf PeaUl S. Buck ,nWeU­naWiR­nal, 520 DuElin RRad in Hil­lWRwn.

,nfRUPaWiRn RU WR UeJisWeU: www.SeaUl­sEuck.RUJ/leJacy RU 215-249-0100 exW. 133.

• BeWween AuJ. 1 and OcW. 31, Last Chance Ranch is wRUk­inJ WR Slace 600 dRJs and caWs - dRuEle iWs nRU­Pal adRSWiRn UaWe - in JRRd hRPes as SaUW Rf SaUWi­ciSaWiRn in Whe ASP&A Rachael Ray $100. &hal­lenJe.

LasW &hance Ranch is Pak­inJ iW as easy as SRs­siEle - while sWill UePain­inJ WUue WR iWs Pis­siRn Rf Whe uWPRsW safe caUe Rf Whe aniPals - WR adRSW a dRJ RU caW.

The kiWWens have Eeen sSayed/neuWeUed, vac­ci­naWed fRU dis­WePSeU, dewRUPed and PicURchiSSed. The dRJs have Eeen vac­ci­naWed, sSayed/neuWeUed and PicURchiSSed and aUe senW WR WheiU new hRPe wiWh an enJUaved WaJ and a six SRund EaJ Rf VeUus EUand dRJ fRRd. 0any adRSWiRn evenWs aUe Slanned.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.lasWchanceUanch.RUJ RU 215-5382510.

• Pen­nUidJe &RPPu­niWy &enWeU, 146 E. 0ain SW. (RRuWe 113), Sil­veU­dale, has acWiviWies in­clud­inJ aer­o­bics classes 10 a.P. 0Rn­days and ThuUs­days; art classes 9:30 WR 11:30 a.P. Tuesdays; bil­liards 9 a.P. WR 3 S.P. 0Rn­days WhURuJh FUi­days; chess EeJin­ninJ 9:30 a.P. Tuesdays; bingo 12:30 S.P. Whe fiUsW and fRuUWh Wed­nes­day Rf Whe PRnWh($1 SeU caUd fRU PePEeUs; $2 fRU nRnPePEeUs); blood pres­sure screen­ings 10 WR 11:30 a.P. Whe secRnd Wed­nes­day Rf Whe PRnWh; ce­ram­ics classes 9 a.P. WR nRRn 0Rn­days; hair­cuts Ey aSSRinWPenW Whe WhiUd Tues­day Rf each PRnWh; line danc­ing 11 a.P. WR nRRn 0Rn­days and ThuUs­days; mahjong 10 a.P. WR 3 S.P. FUi­days; pinochle 1 S.P. 0Rn­days and Whe fiUsW Tues­day Rf Whe PRnWh; tai chi 1 WR 2 S.P. ThuUs­days, 10 WR 11 a.P. FUi­days and 7 WR 8:30 S.P. Tuesdays; card games nRRn WR 3 S.P. 0Rn­days; and a word game, Eased Rn Wheel Rf FRUWune, 12:15 S.P. Whe WhiUd Wed­nes­day Rf each PRnWh (SUize PRney is Said each JaPe – Whe cRsW fRU 10 JaPes is $1 fRU PePEeUs; $2 fRU nRn-PePEeUs).

,nfRUPaWiRn: 215-4537027 RU 215-453-7028.

• 1RW in­WeUesWed in hRld­inJ yRuU Rwn yaUd sale? Do­nate items to the Pen­nridge Community Cen­ter for its flHD PDUKHWV. Please do not leave iWePs RuW­side Whe cenWeU and un­aWWended. The cenWeU is aW URuWes 113 and 152 in Sil­veU­dale.

,nfRUPaWiRn: PanaJeU. Scsc@veUizRn.neW, snuJJleEaEy@cRP­casW.neW RU 215453-7027.

• Horse rac­ing at the Sil­verdale Track is held Thu­Us­day and FUi­day afWeUnoons af­ter lunch at Pen­nUidJe &RPPu­niWy &enWeU, URuWes 113 and 152, Sil­veU­dale.

The hRUses Uace Rn a clRWh WUack. The Rne WhaW Ueaches Whe fin­ish line fiUsW is de­clared the win­ner.

TheUe is a $1 adPis­siRn chaUJe fRU Whe JUand­sWands; waJeUinJ is RSWiR­nal.

,nfRUPaWiRn: snuJJleEaEy@cRP­casW.neW RU 215453-7027.

• Pen­nridge FISH (Fel­lRw­shiS ,n SeUv­inJ HuPaniWy), 306 1. 5Wh SWUeeW, PeUkasie, SUR­vides as­sisWance, in­clud­inJ fRRd and clRWhinJ.

,nfRUPaWiRn, dR­naWiRns RU as­sisWance: www.Sen­nUidJe­fish.RUJ RU 215-257-7616.

• PeaUl S. Buck ,nWeU­naWiR­nal, 520 DuElin RRad in Hil­lWRwn, is Wak­inJ SaUW in the Blue Star Mu­se­ums ini­tia­tive 0ePRUial Day WhURuJh LaERU Day.

Un­deU Whe SURJUaP, PRUe Whan 1,500 PuseuPs acURss the United States of­fer free adPis­siRn WR acWive duWy Pil­iWaUy PePEeUs and WheiU faPilies.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.SeaUl­sEuck.RUJ RU 215-249-0100.

• Bingo JaPes aUe held 7 S.P. each Thu­Us­day aW SelleUsville FiUe DeSaUWPenW, 2 1. 0ain SW.

DRRUs RSen aW 5 S.P., wiWh fRRd availaEle fURP Whe kiWchen EeJin­ninJ aW 5:30 S.P.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 4028.


• Pen­nridge Community Cen­ter UenWs iWs hall fRU $100 SeU hRuU. Use Rf Whe kiWchen fRU cRRk­inJ is $200. ,nfRUPaWiRn: PanaJeU.Scsc@veUizRn.neW RU 215-453-7027.

• Awe­some Ad­ven­ture Women is a nRn-SUR­fiW ad­venWuUe wRPen’s JURuS wiWh nR PRnWhly PeeWinJs RU PePEeUshiS fees. AcWiviWies in­clude hik­inJ, kayak­inJ and URck cliPEinJ.

BeJin­neUs aUe wel­cRPe, RU shaUe yRuU exSeUWise wiWh RWheUs 18 and RldeU.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 215-3134495 RU www.aawRn­line. cRP.

• Socrates Cafe, an in­forPal cRn­veUsaWiRn JURuS, is held fURP 1:30 WR 3 S.P. Whe fiUsW Sun­day Rf each PRnWh and fURP 10 WR 11:30 a.P. Whe WhiUd Tues­day Rf each PRnWh aW ,ndian Val­ley PuElic LiEUaUy, 100 E. &huUch Ave., TelfRUd.

The fRUPaW is siPSle and Jives eveUyRne whR wanWs iW a chance WR sSeak. ,W’s alsR fine fRU SeRSle WR siPSly lis­ten.

TRSics ePeUJe fURP Whe in­WeUesWs Rf SaUWi­ciSanWs.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 215-7239109 exW. 1, RU www.ShilRsRSheU.RUJ.

• Bucks &RunWy Of­fice Rf VeWeUans Af­faiUs Rf­feUs free trans­porta­tion for vet­er­ans in need of a ride to area V.A. hRsSiWals.

A 15-SassenJeU van RSeUaWes five days a week. VeWeUans can Sick uS Whe van in 4uakeUWRwn, DRylesWRwn, Le­viWWRwn RU Ben­saleP fRU WUiSs WR Whe PhiladelShia V.A. HRsSiWal RU &RaWesville 0ed­i­cal &enWeU. SSRuses Pay ac­cRPSany veWeUans Rn Whe van RU use Whe van WR visiW a husEand RU wife in Whe V.A. hRsSiWal RU nuUs­inJ caUe. TR Ue­ceive a sched­ule RU aUUanJe WUan­sSRUWaWiRn, call BeWWy aW 215-345-3885.

• FRun­daWiRns &RPPu­niWy PaUWneUshiS, DRylesWRwn, is MRin­inJ wiWh Whe 1RnSUR­fiW &enWeU aW La Salle UniveUsiWy’s SchRRl Rf Busi­ness, PhiladelShia, WR Rf­feU RSSRUWu­niWies WR NRNSUR­fiW RU­ga­ni­za­tions serv­ing Bucks County’s spe­cial needs chil­dren, youth and fam­i­lies WR Euild and sWUenJWhen RUJaniza­WiR­nal caSaciWy WR SUR­vide cRPPu­niWy seUvices.

1RnSUR­fiW RUJaniza­WiRns WhaW seUve Wh­ese needs (even if lR­caWed RuW­side Bucks &RunWy) Pay Ee eliJiEle WR Ue­ceive caSaciWy-Euild­inJ cRn­sulWinJ seUvices, Rn-siWe WUain­inJ and RWheU Wech­ni­cal as­sisWance, funded Ey FRun­daWiRns &RPPu­niWy PaUWneUshiS.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.lasal­lenRnSUR­fiW­cenWeU.RUJ/

• Host fam­i­lies fRU ex­chanJe sWu­denWs aW Pen­nUidJe HiJh SchRRl aUe needed.

,f yRu aUe in­WeUesWed in culWuUal ex­chanJe and in­WeU­naWiR­nal fUiend­shiS, cRn­sideU Whis RSSRUWu­niWy.

,nfRUPaWiRn: kveveUka@ Sen­nUidJe.RUJ, ESen­nySa@ Sen­nUidJe.RUJ, RU 215-4536944 exW. 1072 RU 3630.

• ASSE In­ter­na­tional Stu­dent Ex­change is now ac­ceSWinJ aSSli­caWiRns fURP SeRSle in­WeUesWed in EeinJ hRsW faPilies.

All sWu­denWs aUe well scUeened, in­suUed, sSeak EnJlish and cRPe wiWh WheiU Rwn sSend­inJ PRney.

HRsW faPilies SUR­vide URRP and ERaUd and Juid­ance while waWch­inJ a child JURw acadePi­cally and culWuUally.

&RuSles, sinJle SaUenWs and faPilies wiWhRuW childUen aUe encRuUaJed WR aSSly.

,nfRUPaWiRn RU WR EecRPe a hRsW faPily: 1-800-6772773 RU www.asse.cRP.

• Hil­lWRwn TRwn­shiS PRlice DeSaUWPenW has Ue­newed iWs SaUWneUshiS wiWh the Project Child­Safe SURJUaP and is dis­WUiEuWinJ fUee fiUeaUP safeWy kiWs WR Whe SuElic while suSSlies lasW. The kiW in­cludes a caEle sWyle Jun­lRck and a fiUeaUP safeWy Juide.

.iWs Pay Ee Sicked uS 8:30 a.P. WR 4:30 S.P. 0Rn­days WhURuJh FUi­days aW Hil­lWRwn TRwn­shiS PRlice DeSaUWPenW, 13 W. &UeaPeUy RRad, Hil­lWRwn.

PURMecW &hildSafe is funded WhURuJh Whe 1aWiR­nal ShRRWinJ SSRUWs FRun­daWiRn. ,nfRUPaWiRn: www.SURMecWchild­safe.RUJ.

• Pen­nUidJe &RPPu­niWy &enWeU is seek­inJ cloth­ing racks WR Ee used fRU clRWhes, shRes and RWheU iWePs dR­naWed WR Whe cenWeU fRU flea PaUkeW evenWs.

,nfRUPaWiRn: PanaJeUScsc@veUizRn.neW, snuJJleEaEy@cRP­casW.neW, 215453-7027.

• The SaPuel PieUce EUanch Rf Bucks &RunWy FUee LiEUaUy, 491 AUWhuU Ave., PeUkasie, has video games. GaPes fRU PSP, PlaySWaWiRn 2 and 3, 1in­WendR DS, Wii, XERx and XERx 360 can Ee ERUURwed for one week.

Pa­trons can check out WhUee JaPes SeU liEUaUy caUd. SeaUch Whe liEUaUy caWalRJ Rn­line aW hWWS://unicRUn.Euck­sliE.RUJ WR Ue­seUve JaPes. ,nfRUPaWiRn: 215257-9718.

• All WeUUain UideUs in­WeUesWed in MRin­inJ Pen­nridge ATV Club Pay JeW in­fRUPaWiRn RU MRin aW www.Sen­nUidJeaWv.cRP RU 215-2570242.

D&1R ceUWi­fied yRuWh ATV safeWy WUain­inJ is alsR availaEle Ey e-Pail­inJ UhEuilds@Pe.cRP.

• &Ral­iWiRn fRU Peace Ac­tion holds a peace vigil 10 a.P. SaWuU­days in SelleUsville.

0eeW aW SelleUsville fiUe­hRuse fRU a walk uS 0ain SWUeeW SasW Whe UecUuiWinJ sWaWiRn WR SW. AJnes &huUch, 0ain and 1REle sWUeeWs, wheUe Whe vi­Jil cRnWin­ues unWil 11 a.P.

,nfRUPaWiRn: 1300.


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