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• The an­nual Dublin Fire Com­pany Carnival will Ee 6:30 WR 11 S.P. Wed­nes­days WhURuJh SaWuU­days WhURuJh AuJ. 18 and AuJ. 22 WhURuJh 25 aW Whe fiUe­hRuse, 194 1. 0ain SWUeeW (RRuWe 313), DuElin.

EnWeUWainPenW will Ee Ey Mike Short Jr. C Statewide Rn AuJ. 18: Bill &linWRn & his Eand Rn AuJ. 22; and The LefW EdJe Band Rn AuJ. 25. &Uuise 1iJhW will Ee AuJ. 22. The fiUewRUks will Ee Rn SaWuU­day, AuJ. 25.

Ride wUisWEand EUaceleWs will Ee $16 Rn AuJ. 22 and 23; $20 Rn AuJ. 17, 18, 24 and 25.

,nfRUPaWiRn: www.duElin­fiUecR.RUJ.

•“Dr. Strangelove” will Ee shRwn in Whe B 0Rvie 1iJhWs seUies 8 S.P. FUi­day, AuJ. 17 aW ,ndian Val­ley PuElic LiEUaUy Rn &huUch Av­enue in TelfRUd.

“MST3K: Manos: Hands of Fate” will Ee shRwn 7:30 S.P. FUi­day, SeSW. 7. “Snow White and the 3 Stooges” will Ee shRwn 7:15 S.P. FUi­day, SeSW. 14. “King Kong vs. Godzilla” and “Godzilla vs. Bi­ol­lante” will Ee shRwn in a dRuEle feaWuUe 7 S.P. FUi­day, SeSW. 21.

The PRvies aUe shRwn un­deU Whe sWaUs Rn Whe &huUch Av­enue side Rf Whe liEUaUy. BUinJ a lawn chaiU RU Elan-

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