News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - OPINION - By Kev Hunter

North Penn was held score­less for more than three quar­ters and trailed a play­off-hun­gry team by 10 points with only seven min­utes to play.

But the Knights, like they have done so many times over the past decade, found a way to win.

“I would say it was our heart,” de­fen­sive back and ruQQLQJ EDFN 6WHvH GRzur said of what made the dif­fer­ence in a cli­mac­tic fourth TuDrWHr DJDLQsW 6RuGHrWRQ ArHD 6DWurGDy DIWHrQRRQ. “We knew it was our last game and we just came out all forces in that sec­ond half. (Quar­ter­back) Mike (Ber­stecher) stepped up huge on WKDW fiQDO GrLvH. ,W wDs DPDz­ing.”

Ber­stecher’s 3V-yard touch­down pass to Kyle 0Dy­fiHOG wLWK 2 PLQuWHs, RQH sec­ond to play brought the Knights within 10-V with the HxWrD pRLQW WR FRPH. AORQJ with the “heart” that Gozur al­luded to, the Knights also had the guts, as North Penn in­stead went for two fol­lowLQJ 0Dy­fiHOG’s WRuFKGRwQ DQG spHHGsWHr -DPHs DH6LP- one raced around the left end and found the cor­ner to put North Penn ahead for the firsW WLPH, 11-10.

The Knights then re­cov­HrHG D 6RuGHrWRQ IuPEOH DW their own 35 on the en­su­ing Big Red drive to lock up the 11-10 win and as­sure that even though North Penn had a rare play­off ab­sence this sHDsRQ, WKH .QLJKWs sWLOO fiQished with a vic­tory.

6RuGHrWRQ (6-4), QHHGLQJ D win to as­sure a Dis­trict One

Class AAAA play­off spot, nHvHr trailHG un­til DH6iPonH founG thH cornHr with only a cou­plH of Pin­utHs to play on this blus­tery day on the turf at 6ouGHrton.

“To bH honHst with you, if wH haGn’t scrHwHG up thH fiHlG goal (on a blocNHG 26-yarG at­tHPpt in thH first Tuar­tHr), wH prob­a­bly woulG havH Must NicNHG it,” saiG 1orth 3Hnn coach DicN BHcN, whosH .nights havH fin­ishHG with a win­ning rH­cord in all 11 of his sea­sons at thH hHlP. “But , thought that play woulG hit. -aPHs PaGH a grHat run. HH PaGH thH guy Piss, ran arounG hiP, anG that’s why wH put hiP in thHrH. HH’s got a lot of spHHG anG , was vHry happy for hiP.”

Big RHG linHbacNHr -ar­rHtt RHin­harG, who haG playHG a trHPHnGous gaPH for 6ouGHrton, was thH last Pan stanGing in thH way of DH6iPonH, anG thH run­ning bacN was ablH to HluGH his tacNlH anG run Must in­siGH thH lHft py­lon.

AftHr a 26-yarG fiHlG goal by Bran­don Man­des had brought thH .nights (6-4) within 10-3 Har­liHr in thH quar­ter, North Penn forced a thrHH-anG-out by 6ouGHrton anG tooN ovHr at its own 26.

BHrstHchHr’s 18-yarG striNH to tight HnG Colton 3ynH on thirG-anG-15 NHpt thH GrivH alive and a nine-yard run by Gozur moved the ball into 6ouGHrton tHr­ri­tory.

The Ber­stecher-to-Pyne thirG-Gown Pagic con­tin­uHG, as thH two hooNHG up on third-and-2 to move it Hight yarGs to thH Big RHG 42. AftHr a thrHH-yarG run by Gozur, May­fiHlG pop­pHG opHn anG BHrstHchHr hit hiP in stride for the score.

,t was thHn tiPH for thH .nights’ GHfHnsH, which haG bot­tlHG up 6ouGHrton’s run­ning at­tacN for Post of thH af­ter­noon.

1HHGing to PovH it TuicNly, Tuar­tHr­bacN A.-. Curotto wHnt to worN through thH air anG hH coP­plHtHG thrHH con­sHc­u­tivH passHs to his fa­voritH targHt, .ylH :HngHr, to PovH it to thH 1orth 3Hnn 49.

ThrHH plays latHr, on fourth-anG-3 at thH 6ouGHrton 49, Curotto hit :HngHr for a 16-yarG gain but :HngHr was strip­pHG of thH ball and North Penn re­cov­ered.

6ouGHrton haG built a 10-0 lHaG Har­liHr in thH gaPH on a 28-yarG fiHlG goal by -Hff :olf in thH first Tuar­tHr anG a two-yarG run by RHin­harG in thH thirG. ThH Big RHG also haG a 28-yarG fiHlG goal blocNHG Must bH­forH thH half.

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