Hill­town con­sid­ers new TD Bank con­struc­tion

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - ON THE RECORD - By Meghan Ross

The empty Block­buster build­ing in the County Line Plaza Shop­ping Cen­ter in Hill­town may turn into a new TD Bank branch.

Matt Char­trand, an en­gi­neer from Bohler En­gi­neer­ing, pre­sented the bank de­sign at the Hill­town Town­ship Board of Su­per­vi­sors meet­ing Mon­day, Nov. 26.

The pro­posed plan is to de­mol­ish the old Block­buster build­ing on Soud­er­ton Road and re­place it with a 2,500-square-foot TD Bank with four drive-through lanes. There would be no changes to the drive­ways out to Soud­er­ton Road or any changes to the in­ter­nal drive­ways.

The cen­ter me­dian may be cut back at one drive­way, how­ever, to make left turns eas­ier. There will also be some strip­ing added from the rear drive­way to the cen­ter meGLDQ WR IurWKHr GH­fiQH WKH DrHD, DV sug­gested by the town­ship’s plan­ning com­mis­sion, which re­viewed the de­sign pre­vi­ously.

Board Vice Chair­man Jack McIl­hin­ney said the de­sign of the build- ing it­self, how­ever, was too boxy. He re­ferred to two banks that were re­cently built in Hill­town that he VDLG fiW LQ wLWK WKH “RSHQQHVV” RI Hill­town. The TD Bank de­sign, he said, looked like a prefabricated build­ing.

“If you’re go­ing to build some­thing new, you should try to do some­thing bet­ter than what was there and cer­tainly than what’s around it,” McIl­hin­ney said.

Char­trand said there were very VSHFL­fiF rHDVRQV IRr WKH GHVLJQ HOH­ments of the build­ing and that the EDQN wRuOG DWWDLQ /EED FHrWL­fiFD­tion.

“A lot of re­search and a lot of de­ci­sion-mak­ing goes into it,” Char­trand said.

Su­per­vi­sor Jim droff had no is­sue with the ar­chi­tec­ture and said it looked bet­ter than the Block­buster, which he said looks like a bomb shel­ter.

“I’m glad the busi­ness will be coming,” droff said. “I don’t really see the need for that type of ar­chi­tec­ture de­sign that you’re talk­ing about. ... It beats a Block­buster build­ing that’s empty.”

7KH ERDrG JDvH SrHOLPLQDry fi­nal ap­proval, with the un­der­stand­ing that some re­vi­sions be made, in­clud­ing that a writ­ten de­ci­sion from the zon­ing hear­ing board be added to the record plan. The board also asked for re­vi­sions of the build­ing’s ar­chi­tec­ture.

The board held a pub­lic hear­ing dur­ing Mon­day’s meet­ing to con­sider the adop­tion of a waste­water col­lec­tion and treat­ment or­di­nance, which the board ap­proved.

“We have an or­di­nance tonight that may be the most com­plex and con­vo­luted or­di­nance that will ever be re­viewed by Hill­town Town­ship,” Fran­cis drabowski, the town­ship so­lic­i­tor, said.

The 13-page or­di­nance re­vises GH­fiQLWLRQV, SrRvLVLRQV DQG QRWL­fi­ca­tions for waste­water treat­ment. It was re­quested by the Pen­nridge Waste­water Treat­ment Author­ity, a re­gional author­ity that treats a good por­tion of san­i­tary sewage in Hill­town.

drabowski said the sewage that goes to PWTA comes from homes, com­mer­cial es­tab­lish­ments and in­dus­trial units. To fol- low EPA stan­dards, the in­dus­trial sewage re­quires pre­treat­ment be­fore it goes into the col­lec­tion sys­tem of the lo­cal mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties, and this pre­treat­ment is en­forced through or­di­nances passed by lo­cal mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties. drabowski said the or­di­nance has the most up-to-date EPA lan­guage re­gard­ing pre­treat­ment.

“The only way they can en­force their [EPA’s] reg­u­la­tions is by hav­ing have an or­di­nance be­hind them that says, ‘Here’s the law,’” drabowski said.

droff said the or­di­nance would not cause any changes to how ex­ist­ing busi­nesses or com­pa­nies op­er­ate.

The board also dis­cussed hold­ing a pub­lic meet­ing in the fu­ture to dis­cuss the pro­posed H&h Quarry agree­ment amend­ment, which is avail­able on the town­ship’s web­site. The Bloom­ing dlen Quarry is ask­ing that amend­ments be made to the agree­ment that was made in 2005.

One of th­ese amend­ments is ex­tend­ing the du­ra­tion of min­ing; the sched­uled ter­mi­na­tion had been Au­gust 2020, but the quarry would like to ex­tend this date to Dec. 31, 2045. An­other amend­ment would be in­creas­ing the quarry’s fee to the town­ship from 10 cents per ton of stone to 35 cents. Ad­di­tion­ally, the town­ship would re­ceive a 10 per­cent dis­count on stone, sand, as­phalt and con­crete. Cur­rently, the town­ship re­ceives a 5 per­cent dis­count.

drabowski said there was no lan­guage in the amend­ment that would al­low deep­en­ing of the quarry.

“What’s be­ing pre­sented to the town­ship is, you know, the car­rot and the stick,” drabowski said.

He said one of the is­sues to dis­cuss at the pub­lic meet­ing would EH wKHWKHr WKH EHQH­fiWV WR WKH town­ship in the agree­ment are suf­fiFLHQW Rr JRRG HQRuJK.

“I live here. I’m not go­ing to let any­thing hap­pen to the point of where they’re go­ing to be able to pull the wool over the eyes of any­body,” drabowski said.

The town­ship has not yet picked a date for the pub­lic meet­ing to dis­cuss the amend­ments.

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