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More than 200 years ago... …an am­a­teur play­wright in­vented a rev­o­lu­tion­ary form of print­ing: Lithog­ra­phy. All that ef­fort, just to nd an in­ex­pen­sive way to re­pro­duce his plays and songs. Print­ers have been search­ing for per­fect ink and wa­ter bal­ance ever since

You can master the com­plex art of ink and wa­ter bal­ance. Re­quest your free copy of Flint Group’s Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter

Bal­ance train­ing DVD to­day! Flint Group de­vel­oped Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter Bal­ance— an in­ter­ac­tive, self-guided train­ing pro­gram—many years ago. It re­mains a com­monly re­quested and highly rel­e­vant in­dus­try tool. Now, for a lim­ited time, print­ers can re­quest a copy from Flint Group at no cost. With the Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter Bal­ance train­ing DVD, print­ers progress at their own pace through the process of un­der­stand­ing and con­quer­ing the many chal­lenges of ink and wa­ter bal­ance. Us­ing sim­ple terms and easy-to-un­der­stand graph­ics, the

Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter Bal­ance train­ing DVD turns a com­pli­cated sub­ject into bite-sized in­for­ma­tion with tools and tips. Cov­er­ing con­ven­tional and UV print­ing, the DVD ad­dresses all press­room el­e­ments—ink, paper, press, chem­i­cals, plates, blan­kets and other press­room con­di­tions. This train­ing tool pro­vides a com­pre­hen­sive re­view of how to x the prob­lems that print­ers en­counter, as well as how to keep them from oc­cur­ring in the rst place.

Bonus: the Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter Bal­ance train­ing DVD in­cludes trou­ble shoot­ings guides - English, Es­pañol, Por­tugués, and Deutsch - for mul­ti­ple print­ing tech­nolo­gies, in­clud­ing en­ergy cur­able.

Flint Group is giv­ing away a lim­ited num­ber of these Mas­ter­ing Ink / Wa­ter Bal­ance train­ing DVDs. Ask for yours to­day!

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