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Google suit draws news industry reactions


Various parties weighed in on the Department of Justice’s antitrust suit against Google, led in October.

“It is good that the DOJ is starting the process, but ‘search distributi­on’ issues are a small subset of the many issues presented by Google dominance,” said News Media Alliance President and CEO David Chavern in a statement. “News publishers are particular­ly harmed by Google’s control of ad tech — and that doesn’t appear to be covered at all by the DOJ’s action today,” said the statement.

Chavern pushed for the passage of the Journalism Competitio­n & Preservati­on Act in his statement.

“For Big Tech, it’s a reckoning that’s been a long time coming,” says an LA Times editorial headlined “ e DOJ is taking the gloves o against Big Tech.”

“The lawsuit, which was joined by 11 state attorneys general, is likely to be just the rst in a salvo of antitrust cases, legislativ­e proposals, rule-makings and other government­al initiative­s to rein in Big Tech companies,” says the piece.

It’s unknown what would happen with the suit under a Biden administra­tion. Reuters quoted one expert, William Kovacic, an antitrust professor at George Washington University Law School, as saying “What they will not do is drop this case.” Kovacic said new DOJ o cials may change the complaint, however.

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