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To put a hu­man on Mars by the 2030s, a stated goal of NASA, the space agency must solve many dif­fi­cult prob­lems, in­clud­ing pro­tect­ing the as­tro­nauts mak­ing the six-month jour­ney (one-way) from ex­po­sure to the sun’s deadly ra­di­a­tion (15 times the an­nual limit for a nu­clear plant worker). In the mean­time, ro­bot probes will carry the day. NASA’S In­sight is about to land on Mars, ex­plor­ing the planet’s in­sides with sound and ra­dio waves.

37 Num­ber of ex­tra min­utes in the Mar­tian day be­yond Earth's 24hours. By com­par­i­son. a day on jupiter lasts about 10 hours and a day on Venus abput 116days.

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